1- An expanded BRICS would immediately have a GDP 30% larger than the United States and a much faster rate of growth.

2- For the first time, America’s oil advantage will be lost, as an expanded BRICS would control 60% of global oil reserves.

3- For the first time, a single group of cooperative people will control the majority of critical minerals that the world now needs.

4- For the first time, an international body will truly have the legitimacy to speak in the name of all mankind. The core 5 members already represent 40% of all mankind and there is a queue of nations requesting BRICS membership. Not the self-elected so-called World policeman and its tool the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) calling itself “a global defense entity” …

5- For the first time, the deeply frustrating problem coming from the USD domination on the international economic and financial systems might have a solution.

6- For the first time, a non-Western grouping dominated by Asia have rich nations and populous nations requesting to be part of it.

7- For the first time, so-called international institutions dominated by the USA (IMF, World Bank inter alia) have rivals truly representing the global Globe (the GG).

8- For the first time, an alternative to SWIFT, the S.ociety for W.orldwide I.nterbank F.inancial T.elecommunication.

9- For the first time, the opportunity for poorer countries to stand together against the sanctions coming from the West.

10- For the first time, there’ll be a body big enough to halt illegitimate actions favored by certain Western countries, such as the seizing of other nations’ assets or freezing of other nations’ bank accounts.

11- For the first time, the perspectives on development and economic growth will no longer be distorted by the Western lens.

12- For the first time, there will be a body big enough to point out that the “rules-based order” is the exact geopolitical equivalent of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Please freeze your screen at 5’18” to read again and again Nury Vittachi’s awesome understanding of the so-called Rules-based Order expressed in 10 excoriating points for the Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment/KFC-AZAEL. In a few words, **the US** is the most powerful **rogue state**.

Enjoy !

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