The Chinese aristocratic oligarchy versus the Western kakistocratic oligarchy : Aristocrats versus Kakocrats, the true Stake of our Times & of all Times

We can notice a certain relentlessness from the Western mainstream media to report everything from China as being bad. “China bad” is a recurrent theme in the West.


One of those themes, a major one, concerns the so-called social credit system.

征 信 : Zheng Xin : Evidence for Trust (translated word for word) or Personal Credit Rating.

Zheng1 Xin4 (1= pronounced at the first tone, etc.) are simply the data the financial institutions in China are collecting before granting a Chinese person a loan or any other forms of monetary help.

Zheng Xin 征 信 is not “a social credit score” or “the social credit system” described as the pervasive & comprehensive population control tool supposedly created by China the Western propaganda is peddling through the mainstream media.

The Western BLPM (Big Lie Propaganda Machine) is the grand public tool used by the group called by the former CIA officer Ray McGovern as the MICIMATT complex (M.ilitary I.ndustrial C.ongressional I.ntelligence M.edia A.cademia T.hink T.ank complex), please note that it rhymes with Mickey Mouse …

The MICIMATT complex itself is the multi-faceted tool owned by the true rulers of the collective West, the predatory group I call the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment).

Here is the hyper-link to an excellent article written by the Orthodox priest nicknamed Batiushka having expounded the origins and the perpetuation of the KFC-AZAEL. This piece can definitely be used as an introduction for your friends who are still beginners in the exploration of international relations :

Perfidious Albion and Perfidious America

Returning to the subject of State control, criminals in China have their criminal records as everywhere else in the World.

China does NOT have a national central algorithm for surveillance and scoring credit worthiness for all of her citizens.

Public spaces surveillance by numerous cameras with the images centrally analyzed (video surveillance technology and facial recognition) exists in China as it exists in the West. This needs to be checked but I remember having read a year or two ago that the city having the most surveillance cameras in the whole World is London.

Financial personal credit rating obviously also exists in the Western World.

When studying Western propaganda on China or on any truly Sovereign Nation (nowadays, truly Sovereign Nations can be counted with the fingers of a single hand), keep in mind 3 concepts and their associated operational tools : PROJECTION, DEFLECTION, RACISM wielded to portray China (or any of the truly Sovereign Nations which can be counted with the fingers of a single hand) as a threat to the World’.

*** Is China a threat ? ***


China is the BIGGEST threat to the US hegemony & unipolarity.

China is the BIGGEST threat to the exploitative group I call the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment) having its Capital Cities mainly in Washington D.C, and London , also to a lesser degree in Paris and Berlin..

China is not a threat to the World in general, on the contrary.

BUT China in her reality as a Sovereign Civilizational State, with her rulers rooted in the Chinese Classical Education, Education having created each of them as a member of the Chinese aristocratic oligarchy and upholding the Mandate of Heaven, IS THE ABSOLUTE THREAT to the American/KFC-AZAEL psychos.

Oligarchy simply means : the power/the command of a few. From 2 Greek words : “Oligos” meaning “the few” and “arkhê” meaning “power/command”. I’m perfectly aware that the Western propaganda smeared the word ‘oligarchy’. That is precisely WHY I use the word with its true meaning. It’s part of the epistemological endeavor because it’s part of the dumbing down process to assign inadequate or limited meanings to words.

The CCP having 98 000 000 members meritocratically selected in 2023, so we have 98 million on 1400 million (the Chinese population) or 7% of the Chinese population . 7% is a few compared to 93%. Hence oligarchy, the rule by the few, nothing more, nothing less.

The epithet ‘aristocratic’ denotes the best people meritocratically selected for the government but also for being cultural leaders, scientific leaders and role models.

CONCLUSION : The Western propaganda is absolutely right trying to smear, to demonize the CCP & China because the Chinese aristocratic oligarchy and China ARE THE ULTIMATE THREAT TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE ANERICAN/KFC-AZAEL PSYCHOS; their fake electoral system and their Clown World BEING EXPOSED NATURALLY BY COMPARISON, that being obvious for the people having the epistemological level allowing them to reach to the right judgment.

Below is the hyper-link to a video offering an excellent cinematographic rendition of the arch-typical pathologically narcissistic American psycho.

In case the hyperlink doesn’t work, you can reach to the Video on YouTube by its title : New Order – Blue Monday – American Psycho (Video Music).


1-Here is an exceptional article exposing the cultural dumbing down by the spin doctors paid by the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment) :

2- An article brilliantly explaining with facts the maneuvers by the KFC-AZAEL during the Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and a rapprochement with what happened in June 2023 concerning Prigozhin’s gambit in the broad perspective of The War on Civilization :

The Bolshevik Color Revolution of 1917 and Prighozin’s 2023 Gambit: Trotsky, Russell, and the War on Civilization

3- This article tackles with the same broad civilizational perspective the riots having happened in France at the end of June 2023 :

4- the 1967 USS Liberty event :

State of Israel and Lyndon B Johnson Deliberately Murdered 34 American Sailors in 1967, Fabricated Massive Cover-Up Still in Effect After 55 Years

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