THE COMING COLLAPSE OF CHINA … and some considerations on the interaction of Timelessness & Time

According to the Western BLPM (Big Lie Propaganda Machine), China’s economic collapse, political unraveling and social chaos are imminent.

The definition of ‘propaganda’ as “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses” can be furthermore expanded by the next 10 items :

1- Keep it simple.

2- Repeat, repeat and repeat.

3- Be consistent.

4- Call up EMOTIONS.

5- Strengthen the GROUP FEELING.


7- Make your own truth.

8- Think authoritarian.

9- Transcend the here & now.

10- Focus on a broad audience.

Below is a short but meaningful list prepared by the CWG (China Writers Group) distinguished member Frans Vanderbosch concerning three decades of lies about the Chinese economy :

1990 The Economist : “China’s economy has come to a halt.”

1996 The Economist : “China’s economy will face a hard landing.”

1998 The Economist : “China’s economy entering a dangerous period of sluggish growth.”

1999 Bank of Canada : “Likelihood of a hard landing for the Chinese economy.”

2000 Chicago Tribune : “China currency move nails hard landing risk coffin.”

2001 Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas : “A hard landing in China.”

2002 West Chester University : “China anxiously seeks a soft economic landing.”

2003 The New York Times : “Banking crisis imperils China.”

2004 The Economist : “The great fall of China ?”

2005 Nouriel Roubini : “The risk of a hard landing in China.”

2006 The International Economy : “Can China achieve a soft landing ?”

2007 TIME : “Is China’s economy overheating ? Can China avoid a hard landing ?”

2008 Forbes : “Hard landing in China ?”

2009 Fortune : “China’s hard landing. China must find a way to recover.”

2010 Nouriel Roubini : “Hard landing coming in China.”

2011 Business Insider : “A Chinese hard landing may be closer than you think.”

2012 The American Interest : “Dismal economic news from China. A hard landing.”

2013 Zero Hedge : “A hard landing in China.”

2014 CNBC : “A hard landing in China.”

2015 Forbes : “You got yourself a Chinese hard landing.”

2016 The Economist : “Hard landing looms for China.”

2017 The National Interest : “Is China’s economy going to crash ?”

2018 McKinsey : “China faces a choice : modernise or risk a very hard landing.”

2019 Forbes : “The China hard landing is back on the table.”

The quasi religious incantation using the mantra “hard landing” never manifested in space-time-energy-matter reality. Disappointing, innit ?…

The Delphic Oracle (the past equivalent of our present days spin doctors) :


Unfortunately, the spin doctors’ bosses (the Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment/KFC-AZAEL) are too idiot (from the Greek word ‘idiotes’ meaning living exclusively in one’s own bubble) to ask at least to themselves THE ESSENTIAL QUESTION :


Storytelling, narratives, predictive programming are certainly powerful tools which might prove useful and have been indeed useful in the past and sadly in the future to bring down disorganized and downtrodden nations or structures, but those shenanigans are utterly useless in the case of China aka Zhong Hua 中 华 (The Splendid Central Civilization) because she is endowed with a staggeringly clear-minded, purposeful and relentless aristocratic oligarchy at the helm of the Chinese State and having the tools of power I call collectively with the acronym T.H.E. M.A.N. W.I.N.S. :

*T.he epistemological journey offered to all.

*H.omes, food, clothes, transportation, public hygiene, public safety guaranteed for all.

*Education focused on mind expansion & on learning useful information and skills, not indoctrination.

*M.onetary system under control, at least not infiltrated by the KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment).

*A.ssets : physical assets and the industrial capacity to make real things, from low end to high end products.

*N.etworks : diplomatic, supply chains, techno-scientific, economic, cultural, commercial, geostrategic, financial …

*W.eapons : land, sea, air, space, cyberspace, nuclear, drones industry.

* I.nfrastructures : physical infrastructures but also mental infrastructures like ideologies and institutions.

*N.ormative power

*S.oft power

The following article mentions some of the recent realizations by the CCP (The Chinese Civilization Party)

Acceleration of Universal History

A central topic deeply related to everything written above is called international relations.

Healthy international relations are based fundamentally on diplomacy, mutual cultural understanding and partnership for development.

Sadly, DETERRENCE is still a part, ideally a subordinate part, of diplomacy. Let us be truly inspired by the higher principles but let’s not be foolishly naive and stupidly complacent.

It’s important and absolutely legitimate that each of the major powers possesses precisely the right tools of power for deterrence. Those make the competitors REALLY think twice, ideally thrice or even more …, before doing something REALLY stupid and completely irreversible.

Unfortunately, it’s the PRACTICAL foundation for a common future truly allowing the REAL politico-economic involvement & empowerment of everyone worldwide.

It is in the same spirit of the notion that war (of all kinds) is the continuation of politics/diplomacy by other means. (Carl von Clausewitz 1780-1831)

Just after Clausewitz, I’m a little bit embarrassed to quote Al Capone (1899-1947) but the gangster wasn’t entirely wrong :

To get what you want, smile but it’s much better having a gun with you while smiling …

Not his exact words but I guarantee the true living spirit of what he said.

I also want to quote His Excellency The Great Helmsman Mao Zedong 毛 泽 东 (1893-1976)

抢 杆 子 里 面 出 政 权

Qiang1 Gan3 Zi Li3 Mian4 Chu1 Zheng4 Quan2

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun


According to the author of the celebrated Art of War, Sun Zi (544 BCE- after 495 BCE), the supreme Warrior wins without fighting because he managed to change step by step, openly or surreptitiously, the configuration of the reality to such a degree that his most obtuse, most bellicose and most hateful opponents will suddenly wake up and deeply, although begrudgingly, realize that achieving victory is simply impossible and defeat is utterly certain within the parameters newly created. Let’s keep our enthusiasm and always striving for the highest Way as kindly explained by Master Sun 25 centuries ago but it happens in life, and more often than not in our Time Dimension, that having the right lethal weapons at the right moment wielded by the right people will also truly deter the adversaries, even the most implacable enemies, to do something REALLY stupid.

Below is a piece by Pepe Escobar concerning the practical moves by the Chinese President Xi Jinping & by the Russian President Vladimir Putin illustrating concretely in Realpolitik the paragraph just above :

THE EVERLASTING INTERACTION between the TIMELESS REALITY forever shining forth the Three Timeless Forms *Truth : Goodness : Beauty* WITH *Psyche : Intellect : Senses* manifesting in The TIME DIMENSION CAN BE EXPRESSED in the following 14 versions coming from different people :

*1- The Upper Trigram & The Lower Trigram

The Upper Trigram symbolizes The Timeless Reality : *义 仁 道 : Yi Ren Dao : Beauty Goodness Truth* & The Lower Trigram represents The Time Dimension : *气 知 心 : Qi Zhi Xin : Senses-Perceptions, Intellect, Psyche*. Those words come from the Confucianist school or the School of the Scholars Ru Jia 儒 家 Ru2 Jia1 & also are from The Classical Education by the Six Arts or 六 艺 (Liu Yi/Liu4 Yi4). The Confucian lexicon & the practical steps for the epistemological growth can be explored by reading the first Confucian Classic, The I Ching/Yi Jing 易 經 The Classic of Change and its philosophical appendix called the Ten Wings 十 翼 (Shi Yi/Shi2 Yi4). The Chinese Tradition attributed the authorship of the whole Ten Wings to Confucius (551 to 479 BCE) but the book most probably had many authors and Confucius simply edited it. I also want to adumbrate, once again, The FOUR BOOKS focusing on general epistemology : 1- THE ANALECTS 论 语 (Lun Yu/Lun2 Yu3/Selected Sayings of Confucius 551 to 479 BCE) 2- THE GREAT LEARNING 大 学 (Da Xue/Da4 Xue3) by Zeng Shen 曾 参 Zeng1 Shen1 (505 to 435 BCE) 3- THE DOCTRINE OF THE MEAN 中 庸 (Zhong Yong/Zhong1 Yong1) by Confucius’ grand-son Zi Si 子 思 Zi3 Si1 (483 to 402 BCE) 4- THE MENCIUS 孟 子 (Meng Zi/Meng4 Zi3), eponymous book on metaphysics, epistemology, psychology, ethics, rhetorics, politics, Universal History by Master Meng known in the West under the Latinized form of his name, Mencius (372 to 289 BCE).

*2- The Dao & Yin-Yang 道 & 阴-阳

The Daoist School expression for the Upper Trigram (Dao) & Lower Trigram (Yin-Yang). Confucianists & Daoists were the same people at the get go, the Scholars; but with time, the Daoist neglected their political responsibilities according to my understanding. They created a lot of beauty in the outside World and opened deep penetrations into the inner Reality but sadly had the proclivity of drifting away in a fantasy world uprooted from everyday life.

*3- Vidya & Maya : Reality & Appearances . Words used by the Upanishads’ School & The Sanatana Dharma (The Timeless Law or the Eternal Teaching).

*4- Epistêmê & Doxa : Knowledge & Opinions or Reality & Appearances.

Eidos & Mimesis : Timeless Forms & Imitations/Time Shapes. Those are the words offered by Aristocles Kodros aka Plato (427 to 347 BCE)

*5- Ontos & Phenomenaia : Being & Phenomena. From Parmenides of Elea (c.520 BCE – after 450 BCE)

*6- Logos & Mousikê : Principles & the living Harmony-Melody-Rhythm coming from the Arts of the 9 Muses : Calliope for epic poetry, Clio for Universal History, Erato for lyric & love poetry, Euterpe for music, Terpsichore for danse, Urania for astronomy & mathematics , Melpomene for tragedy, Thalia for comedy, idyllic or pastoral poetry, Polyhymnia for sacred poetry & religious hymns. It is the Way of The Ancient Greek Classical Education.

*7- Knowability & Congruence : Harmonic Proportions in Immaterial, non-localized mode & Harmonic Proportions measured in Material, localized mode. Gift offered by Johannes Kepler (1571-1630).


*9- WHY & WHAT. WHAT includes How : Who : When : Where.

*10- The Divine Kingdom & The Animal Kingdom.

*11- Noumenal Reality & Phenomenal Reality

*12- Timeless Reality & Time Dimensions

*13- Capable to Dream & Capable to Act

*14- Principles & Practices; eg, Principes & Practices of Statecraft and Administration (PPSA) aka The Art of The Ruler.

Below is an article comparing the Aristocrats, meaning rulers endowed with The Upper Trigram, Being or The Timeless Reality and the rulers devoid of that Reality, the Kakocrats :

The Chinese aristocratic oligarchy versus the Western kakistocratic oligarchy : Aristocrats versus Kakocrats, the true Stake of our Times & of all Times.

I would suggest that the major flaw of the present days Western Kakocrats is that they don’t have anymore the slightest meta-representation vis-à-vis the propaganda produced by their own spin doctors laboring on their command.

One major attribute of the ruling class, even THE exclusive privilege of any ruling class, is to define what is real and what is unreal and to propagate it through the public education system and the mainstream media.

And let’s not mix up the REAL (as defined by the ruling class & its spin doctors) with FACTS (as defined by well used senses perceptions and various instruments of observation and measure).

Mythology, called nowadays storytelling, as a living social process creating cohesiveness, also collective meaning and Myths, called nowadays narratives, as the crystallized forms of that process, are essential parts of the collective life of any minimally successful population.

And when it’s about glorious groups, it’s absolutely vital.

Wealth & power as manifested by a given population come from a functioning mythology combined with a capacity to be in contact with down to earth realities and to be creative, thus being able to make the tools of power at each generation achieving for a time the ideal conveyed by the Myth.

The everlasting Trinity I name TEMPUS : KAIROS : CHRONOS

or BEING : epistemological OVERTURE : BECOMING

TRUTH abides in BEING : the Overture is a Journey : The Real (Myths) & Facts manifest in Becoming.

The groups on this Earth having reached the stage of civilizational glory (and still ALIVE, very important the criterion to be still alive …) all possess a corpus of Myths defining their identity or maybe to be nuanced, the identity of their ruling class and absorbed by their mesmerized general population or through deep understanding by the educated part of the same general population and participating willingly to the Myths, albeit possibly having some disagreements about the values or ideas offered by the ruling class but not at a level prompting adversarial ideological & political activism.

So mythology is not a problem when it is created by a group of rulers having good intentions & skillful. Such a group is called a Cenacle, an assembly of Aristocrats.

The problem arises sharply when the mythology has been made by a group of rulers having questionable intentions : a Cabal, a gathering of Kakocrats. And when those Kakocrats lost all meta-representation of their Myths and are utterly incapable to be in touch with down to earth realities or facts, their fall is imminent.

Here is a quite interesting piece with some valuable scholarly considerations but at the same time, let’s not be too much carried away by the umpteenth Western intellectual “denouncing” the Myth of Western civilization. Crocodile’s tears … I simply don’t believe that the intellectuals shedding those crocodile’s tears cannot grasp the functional differences of the three following categories : the function of MYTHS is precisely not in the order of FACTS and certainly not in the order of TRUTH. There are stark ontological distinctions when we speak about THE REAL (Myths as defined by the ruling class), THE FACTS (measured data) and THE TRUTH (BEING or RIGPA : Real Inner Grounded Timeless Pure Awareness).

Why the Idea of Western Civilization is More Myth Than History

A last word concerning Yan Xuetong 阎 学 通 Yan2 Xue2 Tong1.

Yan Xuetong is the Dean of the Institute of International Studies at Qinghua University (Beijing). He is the creator of the political theory called Moral Realism.

He is in agreement with political Realism concerning the need to keep some common sense and taking into account the reality, precisely, of the respective comprehensive & practical power of the people in interaction on the international arena BUT he will grant a major place to epistemological considerations and to the central role of the leaders.

A political writer deeply conversant with the Chinese Classical authors.

For him, the quality of the leadership is the most important factor for the improvement of a given nation.

Perfect classical thinking in harmony with the Natural Laws stressing, inter alia, the natural hierarchy.

He did not use those words but it’s tantamount to acknowledging the vital need for true timocratic men, motivated by honor & justice; and aristocratic men, motivated by playful exploration, inventivity, creativity, discovery.

I want to conclude briefly under the aegis of the divine Clio, the Muse of Universal History who reminds us that Justice is the lighthouse guiding the multisecular human adventure in space-time.

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