The Tables definitely turned

Lena Petrova simply hit the nail on the head by her excellent 12 minutes long summary of what happened during Antony Blinking’s visit to Beijing not long ago.

We all have the dazzling luck of living during this period of Universal History AND the immense privilege of watching step by step the coming ineluctable fall of the worst kakistocracy the World has suffered for so long and sadly is still suffering from its ongoing depredations. I am referring to the most nefarious KFC-AZAEL (Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment).

Antony Blinking is the archtypical representative of the most nefarious KFC-AZAEL : arrogant/hubristic/full of chutzpah, ignorant, unaware, idiotic (from the Greek word ‘idiotes’ meaning living exclusively in one’s own bubble), imbecilic, corrupt, anachronistic (not in phase with contemporary times, still thinking we’re in 1945 if not worse, let’s say in 1885), absolutely unprepared for international meetings, total lack of judgment, UTTERLY UNFIT TO RULE.

Blinking’s profound stupidity and total absence of diplomatic skills contributed *magnificently* to the turning of the tables.


Matters for deep meditation and multi-layered speculation for future historians.

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  • Warren Monty Quesnell
    3 weeks ago

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