Servant of the South – 23/02/24

This weeks photo dump. Enjoy!

“The fate of the human species is at stake. Just as the Hitlerization of Europe would most likely prepare the way for the Hitlerization of the whole world, carried out either by the Germans or by their imitators, similarly an Americanization of Europe would likely lead to the world’s Americanization. The second evil is less than the first, but it comes immediately after. In both cases, the whole of humanity would lose its past.”
– Simon Weil, 1943

“I ask myself whether all this – Europe – will not end up in madness or a general softening of the brain. “At the fourth stroke, it will be precisely … the end of a World.”
– Paul Valéry, Cahiers, 1939

“Long rolling waves of time
bring all things to light
and plunge them down again
in utter darkness.”

 Sophocles, ‘Ajax’ Αἴας
trans. James Scully


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Magnus S. Kjaergaard / Meunis ÿ.Ki

3 Responses to “Servant of the South – 23/02/24

  • Surprised there is no Chomsky in the posts.

    • I actually has a post with Chomsky on my instagram stories, about his comments on abu Ghraib. But i forgot to screenshot it. It’s a good comment, I can add it next week. But maybe you were thinking of something else?

    • Thanks, Magnus for replying to your reader!

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