China has a surplus, or is it just bigger, better, faster and cheaper than Western competitors? These two graphs and two 4-minute videos are all you need to see.

Video podcast of this presentation,

My recent post is a deeper analysis of this topic,

“If you think about it, it means every country should only produce what it consumed itself. That means no trade. Where would we be if there was no trade?”

Above quote:

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The Chinese do not fear robots because they align perfectly with communism-socialism’s philosophy. Karl Marx wrote that the production and distribution of goods should be based upon the principle of, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Robots fit perfectly into this philosophy, replacing these repetitious factory jobs with new technology opportunities with less drudgery.

Baba Beijing is also taxing robots’ productivity to use that money to help workers transition into new 4th Industrial Revolution jobs, offer better social services, education and local infrastructure for high quality lives. The West’s trillionaire capitalists will never allow robot productivity to be taxed. All that profit will go into the back pockets of the CEOs, officers and board directors – the people, society and country be damned.

Above source: International Federation of Robotics

Where China is heading with “communist-socialist” robots,

Xiaomi SU7 electric car factory makes a ready-to-sell vehicle every 76 seconds. Repeat this sentence one more time to see how breathtaking it is. That’s China: bigger, better, faster and cheaper. Baba Beijing is already sharing its technology with friendly countries in the Global South, for mutual benefit and working to even out balances of trade, building factories there. Unfriendly countries like Euroangloland will not be so lucky, until they stop all the ridiculous, and in the end, counterproductive boycotts that boomerang on Western citizens with inflation and shortages.

Xiaomi’s CEO says they will spend 15-20 years to become a top-five world car manufacturer, having just gotten into the business, from their bread and butter smartphones. How many Western companies have that kind of long-term vision, when a top priority is to enrich the stock options of the officers and board of directors? I’ve written about this (

This trend has been happening for decades and China’s invention-innovation-science-technology superiority has been reality for 5,000 years (

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