Chinese democracy is NOT Western democracy. The prior comes from the bottom up, decided by the people. The latter is aristocratic, elitist and top-down. And that makes all the difference.

There are 300-500 peaceful public protests A DAY in China, solving citizens’ local problems, like this couple who was unhappy about their child getting affordable medical treatment. Mom was selling her breast milk to make the point. Their problem was solved, by the way and nobody got shot, tasered, maced, run over, beaten up or imprisoned like in the West.

I have written so much about how consensual and consultative Chinese democracy is, with roots in the people’s governance going back 5,000 years. It starts at the village/neighborhood level and works its way up to the National People’s Congress and the People’s Political Consultative Congress.

The China Trilogy is the best source,

As well, my website is full of articles on the subject,

This short video sparked my interest. How many Western legislatures and parliaments have 16.9% of its members who are farmers and workers? 26.9% technical personnel (STEM graduates)? Western leges are dominated by lawyers, the wealthy and millionaires,

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