Excellent pre-show outline of the world’s zeitgeist

I was guest yesterday on the show, “Blowback: Experiencing Imperial Decline”, with fellow China Writers’ Group member Billy Bob as the host (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003511545399). I’ve been a guest many times and have never had pre-show notes sent to me like the ones below. What an excellent outline for the world’s zeitgeist. This was created by his co-host Ben Toth, in Hungary, who also participated, as well as Leo Zhao in Germany.



“The US is holding us back from Biblical vengeance. I call for firebombing of Gaza like Dresden”Moshe Feiglin

“We are the people of the light, they are the people of darkness. We shall fulfill the prophecy of Isiah”Netanyahu

“If the international media are objective, it serves Hamas. If they show both sides, they serve Hamas”Yael Lapid

Israel is never held accountable and the world walks away” King Abdullah

“By sending an aircraft carrier instead of a relief ship, they showed what kind of lobby they serve” – Erdogan

“This is not a war. This is genocide” Lula


US: Biden threatens Iran, Blinken threatens Iran, Austin threatens Iran.. ( statements ) 

US: Republican ( Rick Scott ) floats kicking Ally ( Türkiye ) out of NATO ( Newsweek )

UN: More Palestinians killed since 10-7 than in past 20 years combined ( OCHA )

UN: US draft resolution fails, does not call for ceasefire or safe passage of relief ( UN )

UN: Israel demands UN chief resign after he says Hamas attacks ‘did not occur in vacuum’ ( Times of Israel )

UN: Israel denies visas to UN officials after Guterres speech ( Al Jazeera )

UN: Israel ‘deeply disappointed’ over lack of China condemnations of Hamas attack ( reuters )

UN: Israel unhappy with Russian stance on Gaza war – should be more “balanced” ( RT )

UN: Iran‘s FM Abdollahian directly warns US – will not be spared from the fire if genocide continues ( video )

Türkiye: Erdogan gives fiery speech, does not condemn Hamas ( video )

Türkiye: Nation suspends all energy deals with Israel ( Andalou )

Türkiye: Energy Minister Alparslan Bayraktar cancels his visit to Tel Aviv ( TR MFA )

China: Premier Li Qiang declares support for Iran against external forces of interference ( Xinhua )

Russia: Hamas’ and Iran’s delegations meet in Moscow, details unknown ( MFA photos )

Libya expels American, British, French and Italian Ambassadors ( Libya update )

Qatar: delivers death sentence to 8 Indian navy officials for espionage activities on behalf of Israel ( Al Jazeera ) 


Gaza: 7,028 people killed ( 2913 children ), 12,000 tonnes of bombs dropped, outweighting Hiroshima ( PHA ) 

US: Bombs Northeast Syria “linked to Iran in “self Defense” of military presence ( Biden, Austin )

US: Moves the largest NATO navy in history to the Mediterranean, supplies, weapons systems to region ( Mil )

US: 900 troops deploying to Centcom area – not Israel ( DOD video update )

Israel: Netanyahu refused to sign an order for a ground operation in Gaza – fear of losing trust if it fails ( NYT )

Israel: Airstrstike hits Taba and Nuweiba, Egypt information is being collected ( reuters )

Israel: Will flood Hamas tunnels with nerve gas under US Navy supervision ( AP )

Israel: Agrees to Delay Gaza Invasion so US can rush Defenses to Region ( WSJ )

Australia: Sends troops to Middle East as crisis escalates in ‘volatile situation’ ( Daily Mail )

Iran: Announces large-scale military exercises next week ( PressTV )

Qatar: 44th Chinese naval escort taskforce arrives in Doha for 5 day good-will visit ( GT )


– US: Israeli airstrikes will save lives ( Isr and Pal ) when invasion begins ( NYT main story! ) 

US: Biden says he has “no confidence” in Palestinian death count ( reuters )

US: Why middle East peace requires turning off Iran’s oil and increasing Saudi’s ( Time )

US: Senate unanimous resolution: condemn Palestine protests, full and complete support for Israel ( document )

US: Blinken asked Qatar to “tone down” Al Jazeera coverage of Palestinians in Gaza ( Axios )

US: Putin is getting what he wants – guest essay by Hanna Notte ( NYT )

US : White house is losing the messaging war on Ukraine, changing message to jobs ( Politico )

US: A close look at evidence in Gaza Hospital Blast casts doubt on Israeli narrative ( NYT )

Israel: 10-6 Dead : 60% identified as military or police ( Haaretz )

Israel: Freed Israeli hostage’s remarks seen by Govt. as damaging to Interests ( Haaretz )

Israel: Blasts “antisemitic” Amnesty over finding war crimes by all parties ( Politico )

Appendix: Hamas officially recognized as a terrorist organization ( not by Egypt, which recognizes some officials ):

– Australia

– Canada

– European Union

– Israel

– Japan

– Paraguay

– United Kingdom

– United States

Appendix: Useful clips

– Kirby: Gaza Ministry of Health is front for Hamas : https://twitter.com/therecount/status/1717604496530890934

– UN : reaction to Palestinian and Israeli speeches : https://twitter.com/djuric_zlatko/status/1717783965573034225

– Erdogan : O Israel, you’re not going anywhere : https://twitter.com/upholdreality/status/1717482266429985136

– Ione Belarra : cut ties, impose sanctions, prosecute : https://twitter.com/sahouraxo/status/1717194723545186397


Russian attack on Ukraine, Hamas attack on Israel are directly related, because Putin‘s birthday is October 7. This is not a coincidence.”Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Bundestag Deputy

“The challenge is that when we increase demand, we want more supply, not higher prices”Stoltenberg, economist!

Hungary is becoming a problem for the European Union, which must be solved” – Kaja Kallas


US: Republicans propose splitting Israel and Ukraine aid – $106B proposal dead on arrival ( WSJ )

EU: To counter China‘s Belt and Road, EU asks Chinese State-run enterprises for help ( SCMP )

EU: Slovakia announces halt of military aid to Ukraine ( Euractiv )

EU: Slovakia and Hungary threaten to break EU unity on Ukraine military aid ( FT )

EU: Hungarian parliament rejects proposal to hold vote on Sweden‘s NATO bid ( AP )

EU: To introduce “Democracy passports” for Russian opposition working towards regime change ( Euronews )

EU: Moldova gets €72.5m assistance package, a day after blocking 22 Russian TV channels ( EC )

Ukraine: Elensky losing support in Ukraine – US-backed ( USAID ) survey ( RT )

Ukraine: Trust in government increases after full-scale invasion – Poll ( Kyiv Ind )

Ukraine: will run out of ammunition in 2024 ( Le Monde )

Kazakhstan : US ambassador opened NATO peacekeeping operations center in Astana ( TASS )

Australia: And US  announce infrastructure plan for Pacific Island Nations ( SCMP )

Australia: Bans screwdrivers, nuclear reactor exports to Russia ( Canberra Times )


China: will skip Malta “Peace Formula” meeting as Elensky blueprint struggles  ( Bloomberg )

China: YTMC makes world’s most advanced 3D NAND memory chip in “surprise tech leap” ( SCMP )

China: Is beating the US in the race for the Seabed’s Riches – lithium, manganese, copper etc. ( Bloomberg )

China: Tiangong space station to double in size while ISS retires in 2030 ( Universetoday )

China: ‘Questions arise’ as China constructs thousands of schools in Iraq ( VOA )

China: And Colombia elevate ties to a Strategic Partnership ( CN FMA )

Russia: EU is planning Nazi-Germany-inspored documents for RussiansZakharova ( TASS )

Russia: How baseless claim about Putin’s health ( death ) spread from unreliable Telegram to TV news ( AP )

Russia: Alternative – Dorby Cola – overtakes historic Coca-Cola sales ( RT )

Russia: Lavrov arrives in Belarus to participate in Eurasian Security Conference ( Ru MFA )

Africa : ECOWAS invasion of Niger quietly dismantled, despite Tinubu push ( RFL, France )

Africa : Burkina Faso nationalizes sugarcane sector from French companies ( AN )

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