Five colorful graphs: electricity, highways, steel, cement and shipbuilding are all you need to see about which country has the world’s biggest real economy. It’s not Europe or Uncle Sam.

There has been a lot of discussion over the last ten years about how big the economies of China and USA are. World Bank and IMF announced ten years ago, 2014, that China surpassed the USA in total GDP, using Purchasing Power Parities (PPP) benchmarks, not based on exchange rates. PPP is the only accurate way to compare countries’ GDPs, as exchange rates grossly distort reality.

The West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) keeps up the lie that the USA is “Number One” and even China prefers to bill itself as “Number Two”, to not increase the already high levels of Sinophobia being keep at a fever pitch by the BLPM. I wrote about this previously (

Cut through the propaganda and reality rears its ugly head. These five shocking and revealing graphs put real numbers on the barrelhead. They demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is China which has the largest and most productive economy in the world – hands down.


1-Electricity capacity is a strong indicator of economic activity and development, since it drives industrial production and infrastructure development. You can see below that the USA’s real economy has not grown in the last 20-25 years, while China’s has increased nine-fold, with no end in sight.


2-Can you believe it? Highways are actually shrinking in the USA! From 2018 to 2020, its network fell from 107,227km to 105,948km, or a loss of 1,279km and the trend is downward.

Meanwhile, China has been increasing its highway system for decades, with no ceiling.

Remembering that China and the USA have the same landmasses, in 2018, China had 142,593km of highways, already 35,366km more than the USA, or one-third more. And the discrepancy just keeps on getting worse.


3-Steel production is another telling indicator of real-economy manufacturing and production. How important is it? You can see during the 2008 Western financial implosion, global steel production dropped, including China, which saw weak global demand. China passed the USA and Russia in 1993, Japan in 1996, Europe in 2003 and since then, it has not looked back, now producing more steel than the rest of the world combined!


4-Cement production is a direct reflection of a country’s infrastructure development. China produces more cement that the rest of the world combined, five times as much as India, about 20 times as much Vietnam and the USA, with the rest of the countries falling off quickly. Even humble Vietnam produces more cement than Uncle Sam!



5-Before WWII, Britain had been the biggest shipbuilder for centuries. After WWII, the USA took over as the world’s number one. Shipbuilding is a major indicator of industrial production and this graph proves the point, with China, Japan and South Korea dominating the sector. Ten years ago, these three countries more or less split global capacity, with the USA barely registering on the graph – essentially zero.

My gosh, what a horrific fall for America, in just two generations!

By 2023, China leaped ahead of the pack and now builds more than half of our planet’s ships! Eighty percent of all global commerce is shipped by boats.

2 Responses to “Five colorful graphs: electricity, highways, steel, cement and shipbuilding are all you need to see about which country has the world’s biggest real economy. It’s not Europe or Uncle Sam.

  • Jeff,,

    Yes, seek truth from facts.

    Outstanding work bringing this readily available data to our attention. It would go unnoticed by many otherwise.

    So many people in the USA and around the world have little understnding what this means for standard of living and ability of government and economy to perform.

    Many, not a few, think that “degrowth” and depopulation is the solution. BBut for others, not for themselves.

    • Thanks, John.

      So nice to get a pat on the back.

      All of us in China Writers’ Group, Seek Truth From Facts, etc., are being shadow banned and outright censored, including Substack as guilty party.

      Therefore, the biggest help you can offer it to share our posts as broadly as possible.

      Thanks again and on with the good fight!


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