Population growth and aging is cause for concern in China. Even more so in USA, UK, S. Korea, Germany, Japan and Thailand, to name a few.

The xenophobic Big Lie Propaganda Machine across the west loves to talk about how China’s population is aging and how births are falling and marriages are falling, etcetera. All of that is true, but they don’t talk about other countries that would be of interest to you, that are having an even worse problem than China. 

Like how about the United States? How about the United Kingdom? How about South Korea? How about Germany? How about Japan and Thailand? There are many more. Yes, China has a problem. But every country that reaches middle class prosperity does.

Thailand has middle class prosperity for most of the population. So, once people start getting educated, have money, can buy things, consumer goods, they get married later, they wanna enjoy their toys, they wanna travel, and they wanna have fewer kids. It’s a problem. In fact, it’s a compliment to China that they have this problem, because it means the people have reached considerable wealth. 

The difference between China and all the other countries I just mentioned is that the government, Baba Beijing, has powerful tools that they can use, being under the under the guidance of the Communist Party of China. They can use all kinds of policies to stimulate people to get married and have children.

I’m gonna add several links below that you can take a look at. They do all kinds of things. They’re not national. They encourage the 34 provinces to come up with all kinds of creative policies on tax incentives, buying a home, a car, offering cash bonuses, increasing paternal and maternal leave and sweetening the pot for childbirth and postnatal costs. 

They can do all of this and more and it will help.  I am confident that China will actually be able to stop the downward trend and at least flatten it in the next five years.

With already 1,400, 000, 000 people, they are in a position to maintain their human wealth, their human resources, which, we know, humans are an asset. Humans are a resource. They’ve already got 1.4 billion, which is better than Japan, which actually has negative growth. 

There’s two graphs I’ve shown here that show China is not the worst country by far, and communist-socialist China will have a much, much greater chance of creatively solving their population growth and aging population, than capitalist countries around the world.








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