Chinese employees are being given expanded say in how their companies function and decisions made. Capitalism NOT!

Postwar Germany has had a similar structure, but over the years the system has been gentrified and suborned by the managers and boards. Of course, it is part and parcel of communist-socialist economies. It has been true in China since liberation in 1949. Baba Beijing is now expanding the workers’ input into company decisions.

Below is a summary of the new law and after that is an even shorter look via a tweet. Great news for the Chinese people. It will undoubtedly make China even bigger, better, faster and cheaper.

Employees’ Participation in Corporate Governance under the Revised Chinese Company Law (

(4) Arnaud Bertrand on X: “This is a huge, even transformational legislative change in China This Revised Company Law considerably strengthens employees’ participation in the corporate governance of companies. It makes “democratic corporate governance” a requirement for all” / X (

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