Meet China Writers’ Group member Billy Bob

Billy Bob uses Facebook as his platform and has over 4,700 friends. Here is a China-specific post he did,

Here is his main page: (20+) Facebook

Good news! Billy Bob has invited me on his show, after I return to France on 19 October. Looking forward to it.


I’m a 48-year-old medical professional that lives in California with a wife and two kids.  I’m looking forward to retiring at 55 from my state job at which point I hope to have more time for writing and engaging in other forms of activism.  In the meantime, due to my unpopular political opinions, I maintain an alias “Billy Bob” on social media where I comment on current events and produce a twice-a-week podcast with two other Comrades, entitled “Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline”.  I’m always on the lookout for interesting guests so reach out if you have something to say!


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