Unbecoming American: After the Fall: Another important reason to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

There have been numerous theories about the coming POTUS beauty contest as “M(r/s) America” proceeds through the quarterfinals and semi-finals that culminate in the quadrennial November pageant. Lawfare waged against Donald Trump and innumerable persons deemed politically objectionable has imposed its financial costs on the targets. However there is no indication that the Trump momentum has diminished. Both inside and outside the courtroom the former POTUS demonstrates immunity to conventional political intimidation. That is another indication that however conventional his mind may be or how limited his vision and actual power, Donald Trump is a man who has rarely conformed to the mainstream political etiquette and decorum. 

The ruling party, the Democratic National Committee with realigned “other government agencies” were successful not only in demonstrable massive election fraud– whereby election fraud large and small has always been endemic to the US system– in 2020 but thanks to years of prior strategic court and state attorney appointments were able to fabricate as many votes– proportionately speaking– as the deaths induced by their Covid War. The tallying from graveyard polling stations is by no means unfamiliar. The fact that the DNC and its “Rino” allies are virulent supporters and funders of old-fashioned fascism in Ukraine lends an ironic and repulsive aspect to all those measures applied to the general population (and political dissidents) that were the hallmark of Nuremberg indictments. 

The history books with which I was taught as well as those I later had to use to teach in public school told us that the NSDAP won the elections that permitted Adolph Hitler, at the recommendation of Franz von Papen, to be appointed chancellor by the reactionary president von Hindenburg. Omitted from this story was the fact that the 36% of the vote attributed to the NSDAP would have been insufficient to form a government had the Roman pontiff not ordered the dissolution of the largest party in the Reichstag, the Latin (Catholic) Zentrum, in collusion with those powers (also the Anglo-American elite) who wanted an NSDAP dictatorship. It would not have been possible if those same interests had not equipped the NSDAP paramilitary forces (SA and SS) with modern weapons and money so that they could terrorize all other political parties and their supporters.

The history of 6 January 2020 is not very different. The US equivalent of the Ermächtigungsgesetz (Enabling Act) had already been forced through a totally captive Congress in the wake of the World Trade Center demolition. The Patriot Act essentially abrogated the US Constitution already in 2001. However the distraction over when complicity (at whatever depth) of the other government agencies will be admitted (never) minimizes if it does not entirely eliminate the efforts to restore bourgeois constitutionalism to the US regime. As a result probably the grossest abuse of the regime’s totalitarian powers since the Palmer Raids (excepting perhaps Japanese-American incarceration during the great war against communism– 1936-1945) has been hidden in plain sight. Evidence played no role in these raids any more than they did under Palmer and Hoover. Only the targets have changed. The targets changed because the population policies of the regime have altered significantly. Whereas Attorney General Palmer aimed to crush alleged immigrant activism, the DOJ and FBI targeted the activism of what were once called “nativist” Americans. That too is an unjust simplification. Despite media portrayals of Trump supporters as “white supremacists” the fact is that the MAGA wave includes working class Americans–who traditionally identify themselves as “middle class”– from every established ethnic group and skin color. Suppression of the established American working population and the SME sector is the deliberate policy of the international fascist regime whose octogenarian face has become that veteran footman to the “Duchy” of Delaware, Joseph Biden.

The speculation extends to how much of Donald Trump’s bluster could actually turn into performance in a second term. Could he stop the war against Russia or the war to dominate the entire Middle East from the Israel weapons platform? Even if that would be in the interest of his voters, it is highly unlikely that either war would end. In the case of Ukraine the will might be there but the authority (power) is lacking. One need only remember that one of those spurious grounds for the double impeachment trials was Donald Trump’s alleged failure to comply with the foreign policy dictated by the unelected bureaucrats that control the government apparatus. (This was despite the historical tradition- obviously defunct—that foreign policy is the particular province of the POTUS.) In the case of occupied Palestine and the Anglo-American Empire’s claims to the entire Middle East, there is no indication whatsoever that he would do the decent thing. Despite calumny and slander, many of the decisions President Trump was able to implement during his term of office were materially beneficial for the working class and SME sector. However no POTUS can control the permanent government alone. To “drain the swamp” as his supporters have consistently demanded, Donald Trump would need a mass popular movement. There is nothing viler in the eyes of the Establishment, regardless of the Congressional powder room to which they belong. The essence of Clintonism and its cadet version Obamamania was to synthesize “popular” support among the indoctrinated “outer party”– the Woke. This nebulous but highly malleable American equivalent to the Hitler Youth covered the armed propaganda operations of the State using cut-outs like BLM and ANTIFA. 

Having genetically engineered (based on the lessons of Gene Sharp) the current wave of “astroturf” movements, the greatest threat to the regime is not Donald Trump the man. He may be personally repulsive. However he is still a rich guy with all the limitations that the rich exhibit when threatened by democracy. The most immediate threat that Donald Trump presents is something far more banal. No one at the Council on Foreign Relations or in the Pfizer boardroom believes Trump will deviate from the roadmap they have fixed. He may lack the innate viciousness of those who construct those policies and enforce them. However 2016-2020 showed that he lacks both the power and the intellect to establish his own policies in depth. Everyone except the sycophants knows that.

The war against Trump has never been about Donald Trump– although there are fanatics who hate him like “Goldstein”. Trump ran in front of the nascent populist revolt in the US and that is where he has been fixed like a galleon figure on a ship without a rudder, yet fully rigged and turned to the wind.

When the flagship Trump set course for inauguration in 2020, there was a huge flotilla of brigs and barks behind. Like the treachery of federal forces in Charleston Harbor in April 1861, the permanent government blockaded the constitutional means for resolving an obvious political conflict– one derived from multiple cases of election fraud by every conceivable means. When the representatives of the permanent government later compared the incident, now known as “January 6 insurrection”, to the Reichstag fire on 27 February 1933 (not that any of the regime faces could have named the date), they were indulging in the regime’s classical accusation of reversal. 

The 6 January protesters and those around the country seized by the FBI and sent to maximum-security prisons without charges were not the “Nazis” who allegedly caused the Berlin arson. No, it was the “Nazis” in the permanent government who turned constitutional protests into a pretext for a massive purge of the populist movements. Again it was not primarily about attacking Donald Trump. He was not arrested or charged on the day. It was an attack on popular mass organization in the United States (like in the dominion north of the St. Lawrence). 

The only thing that Donald Trump can do, were he re-elected POTUS, without the Congress or judiciary, would be to pardon or grant clemency to all those his regime opponents imprisoned. Of course he would have to rely that someone tell him who they are and in what dungeons they have been chained. But he could do that. He would be morally bound to his supporters and to all Americans to do it. However to free those political prisoners, maybe even to order that charges be dropped against Julian Assange, would be such an insufferable symbolic attack on the oligarchy, bent as it is on creating the amply described dystopia, that to prevent it would be worth every means the regime has at its disposal.

The oligarchy knows that. It is not apparent that the voices of Trump support or populist democracy in the US are fully aware of what that means. Instead many are distracted by how to deal with China or some other issues over which they have even less control– and never mind understanding. If there is any reason to push Donald Trump to victory in the POTUS beauty pageant and to defend a truly fair election by truly qualified native electorate, then it is to begin the process of reversing the totalitarianism to which the Patriot Act gave statutory life. The first step in that struggle is to free the political prisoners in the United States and its political prisoners abroad. That may be the only thing a POTUS can sincerely do with his personal power of office. That achievement would be worth the vote.



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