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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



ASSANGE IS FREE – Feels like a very bittersweet victory, but understandable. He was drained of life, who knows what’s next..

TERRORIST ATTACKS – In Makhachkala and Derbent Dagestan’s Caspian shore, and on Sevastopol’s Black Sea beach.

NARRATIVE ATTACKS – Trump and Farage – days apart – attacked the main narrative pillar : The ‘unprovoked’ invasion.

KENYAN UPRISING – William Ruto visited DC, got an IMF loan, sent troops to Haiti. But the tax burden sparked a fire.


– New EU High Representative :

– Jürgen publishes ATACMS :

– Ukraine escape attempt :

– Assange Saipan court :

– Sunak sanctions Brits :

– Gallant at Pentagon :

– Miller on Crimea :

– AOC ‘Politics’ :



– EUK: Julian Assange expected to plead guilty, avoid further prison time as part of deal with US – court document ( ABC )

        ┝ He has entered the plea deal, which looks to trade a guilty verdict for ‘restrictions’ and ‘time served’ in Britain

        ┝ In the US he would have faced 4 death sentences + 4008 years in prison for espionage under US law

┝ The ‘restrictions’ can be anything – publishing documents, social media, discussing the deal, leaving Australia.

┝ He was seen leaving Belmarsh prison UK and boarding an airplane > BangkokMalaysia 

┝ He will then transfer on to SaipanMariana Islands, and sign the deal at a US federal court there.

        ┝ He will then be free to return home to Australia which looks to be his plan, even though…

        ┝ He ‘paid his dues’ – 14 years a fugitive, 5 years imprisoned – former US intelligence chief James Clapper told CNN

┝ Stella Assange began an urgent fundraiser for $520,000 debt incurred by jet flight to Australia.

 Stella Assange ask everyone to monitor her husband’s plane in US airspace ‘in case something goes wrong’

┝ All files on Wikileaks related to DNC Email Archive have been removed – ‘Internal Server Error’

        ┕ Colombian President Gustavo Petro invited him to Colombia as ‘an act of true freedom’ though.


– RUC: Dagestan terrorist attack targets synagogues, churches kill civilians, at least 15 police officers ( RT / Tass RU )

        ┝ The attacks took place on Trinity Sunday, a Pravoslav Holiday – in capital Makhachkala, and Derbent city

┝ The terrorists attacked two Orthodox Churches and two Synagogues in the two cities

        ┝ Most of the victims were law enforcement, Father Nikolay Kotenlikov – his throat slit on the pulpit

        ┝ The counter-terrorism operation wrapped up by evening, eliminating all 5 militants, search for accomplices underway

┝ Dagestan declared three days of mourning after the death toll reached at least 20 people – officials

        ┝ Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov condemned the ‘vile and cowardly’ act, offered help in investigations

        ┝ Patriarch Kirill said the attacks had ‘diabolic’ intent, to create religious division in Dagestan.

        ┝ The AP found an ISIS-K ‘affiliate’ in Afghanistan to say ‘brothers in the Caucasus showed that they are still strong’

┕ Multiple countries condemned the attack : All of central Asia, China, Iran, Israel, the SCO

– RUC: Ukrainian / US ATACMS missile attack on Sevastopol beach killed at least four, two children ( RT / Tass RU )

        ┝ Among the four dead are a two-year-old boy and a nine-year-old girl playing on the city beach

        ┝ 151 people sought medical help, 82 of them were hospitalized – 55 adults and 27 children

        ┝ The projectile was a MEM cluster munition – one of five – that veered off course. Fuzzy where it was intended.

        ┝ The Russian MFA issued a statement stating that that Washington’s role in the attack was ‘indisputable’

        ┝ A US Global Hawk was in the sky near Crimea at the time and targeting was ultimately done by US specialists.

         Russia also summoned the US ambassador Lynne M. Tracy and told her ‘response measures will definitely follow’

┝ The British Telegraph reported a Ukrainian ATACMS’ explosion over the beach – cowards

┝ If Russia’s concentrated about casualties, they should stop this war – Pentagon spox Pat Ryder

┝ On Sunday US restrictions put key Russian air bases out of firing range – 62 mi / 100 km –  officials told WaPo

        ┕ The US Pentagon made a statement that it has ‘nothing to say’ about the strike


– USC: Donald Trump said that Biden’s NATO plans provoked the Ukraine war – on David Sacks’ ‘All In’ podcast ( online )

        ┕ As far as I can tell – other than Asia Times – the western media ignored him completely

– EUK: Nigel Farage said the West – NATO / EU expansion – provoked Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine in interview ( BBC UK )

        ┝ Boris Johnson said he was ‘parroting Putin’s lies’ on Ukraine

        ┝ Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak condemned him as ‘completely wrong’ | ‘disgraceful’

        ┝ Ben Wallace called him a ‘pub bore’ with simplistic answers who is ‘consistently wrong’

        ┝ The British MoD issued a ‘myth-busting’ NATO video to ‘de-bunk’ his remarks

        ┝ Even Elensky said he was infected with the ‘Virus of Putin‘  for blaming the West

        ┝ Richard Kemp and Hamish de-Bretton-Gordon wrote op-eds condemning him

        ┝ George Galloway defended him against ‘paper thin’ establishment narrative

        ┕ Farage defended his remarks despite ‘furore’ – has been saying it since 2014


– AFR: Kenya’s parliament burns as protesters object to new taxes. Clashes spread and bodies are counted ( AP )

        ┝ President William Ruto visited the White House becoming major US friend earlier this year

┝ The IMF gave Kenya $940m ‘loan boost’ to ease ‘financial pressures’ earlier this year

        ┝ Biden designated Kenya as ‘major non-NATO ally’ in a White House memorandum on Monday

        ┝ Kenya-led security force arrives in Haiti – US ‘recruited’ countries, funded and armed them, Monday

        ┝ Kenya’s new Finance Bill – written by the IMF – is expected to pass on Tuesday.

        ┝ Protests begin in Nairobi on Tuesday, thousands seen, at least 10-20 dead in crackdown

┝ Russian flags spotted – as universal sign of hope in Africa – Police use live rounds on protesters

┝ Kenyan authorities threaten to shut down KTV News due to its coverage of the protests

        ┝ President Ruto is reported fleeing, evacuated from his Nairobi statehouse

        ┕ President Ruto addresses the nation from unknown location, calling the protesters ‘treasonous’



– 404: Russia launches massive 6,600p glide bombs at Ukraine – will overwhelm A/D, break defense strategy ( National Interest )

– 404: Facing annihilation – the Ukrainian towns praying for Western reinforcements – Donetsk pay price for delays ( Times UK )

– 404: Ukraine expands draft, some men go into hiding – ‘holed up at home’ to avoid draft officers who roam the streets ( NYT )

– 404: Ukraine’s prisoners flock to the frontline for ‘revenge, not amnesty’ – low morale bolstered by inmates ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: Ukraine‘s naval drones ‘turn the tide’ in the battle of the Black Sea – a ‘revolution in modern warfare’ ( WSJ ☆ )  


– 404: Ukraine needs sizeable private debt forgiveness – must be firm’ with bondholders – Editorial Board ( FT UK 💬 )

– 404: Ukraine should attract 300,000 migrants annually – ‘attracting’ migrants is necessary now ( Ukrainian Review )

– 404: Biden‘s LNG export pause hits Ukraine – DTEK/Venture Global deal with faces White House obstacle ( WSJ )

– 404: Russia hits Ukraine‘s power system for eighth time since march – Ukroenergo ( Bloomberg )


– 404: Elensky hails ‘historic step’ as EU set to open Ukraine accession talks – ‘realizing the European dream’ ( Guardian UK )

– 404: Elensky demanded ‘bold decisions’ from allies as US accused of ‘restricting weapons’ in WaPo ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: Elensky replaced the AFU joint forces commander Sodol ‘amid criticism and military failures’ ( Kyiv Post )

– 404: Elensky due in Brussels to sign defense pact, talk about EU entry midweek – officials ( DPA DE )

– 404: Elensky ordered purge of Ukraine state guard after alleged assassination plots ( Reuters )


– USC: Biden administration moves toward allowing American military contractors to deploy to Ukraine – officials ( CNN )

– USC: Trump handed plan to halt US military aid to Kiev unless it talks peace with Moscow – freeze fronts ( Reuters ☆ )

– USC: US to fund printing of more than 3 million textbooks for Ukrainian students – ‘Bandera books’ – Russia ( CNN )

– USC: Two years into the war, the world still stands with Ukraine – Mark Temnycky, Atlantic Council ( The Hill 💬 )


– EUK: Russia is crumbling from within – war sowing ‘internal discord’ – can’t be deflected – Samuel Ramani ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: Norway to stockpile 82,500 tons of grain by 2030 – Agriculture Ministry prepares for ‘unthinkable‘ – statement ( RT RU )

– EUK: Macron will urge EU leaders to boost defense spending, EU defense bonds demand– opposed by Germany ( FT UK )

– EUK: NATO considers ‘bridge to membership‘ for Ukraine – no details – to craft more support before DC summit ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Door to Georgia accession will be closed, people will pay the consequences, will suffer – Borrell statement ( EEAS )

– EUK Negotiations seal EU top jobs deal – Ursula CommissionCosta Council, Kallas ‘High Representative ( Euronews )

– EUK: Britain‘s ‘greatest military historian’ – Richard Overy – says it’s too late to stop World War 3 ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: European Court of Human Rights finds Russia guilty of violating human rights in Crimea ( KYiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: The EU’s race to lock in Ukraine long-term support – fear of Hungarian veto, Trump presidency ( Euractiv )

– EUK: NATO to formally appoint Mark Rutte to succeed Stoltenberg as alliance boss on Wednesday ( Reuters )

– EUK: Poland ‘not ruling out’ closing two remaining border crossings with Belarus – FM Sikorski ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Borrell to Serbia – ‘close ties with Russia are incompatible with the EU values ( Euronews Albania )


– EUK: Russia ‘started’ Berlin factory fire as part of ‘hybrid war on Europe – unnamed Western security officials ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Scholz received information about the Putin attack in Berlin – Diehl Defense fire – zero evidence ( Bild DE )

        ┕ German police and insurance reports refer to a technical defect

– EUK: EU padopted 14th round of sanctions in ‘hard-hitting package’ against Russia – Ursula ( Euronews, RT, Tass RU )

        ┝ EU companies responsible that their foreign subsidiaries comply with sanctions

        ┝ bans EU investment, service and trade with Russian LNG projects for 1st time ( Arctic-2, Murmansk )

        ┝ bans EU imports of Russian helium, manganese, plastics, rare earths and electronic components

        ┝ bans EU airlines from operating charter and private flights for Russians

        ┝ bans EU banks from using Russian SPFS messaging system

        ┝ sanctions 27 ships identified as Russia’s ‘shadow fleet’

        ┝ sanctions 61 firms from RussiaChina, UAETürkiye for ‘dual use’ exports

        ┕ includes sanctions on persons, like ‘Chechen dictator’ Kadyrov‘s mother, Shaman, media people

– EUK: The EU devised a ‘legal loophole to bypass Hungarian veto on support for Ukraine ( FT UK )

┝ Budapest should have no say on how profits of Russia’s frozen assets are used – Borrell

┝ This is because Hungary abstained from earlier decision to create the UAF – Ukraine Assistance Fund

┝ EU approved a first tranche of up to €1.4b on Monday – for purchase of ammunition, defense

┝ Ukraine will get first military aid from proceeds of frozen assets next week – Borrell

        ┕ Hungary seeks to challenge EU decision – absolute red line – assembled legal team – FM Szijjártó

– RUC: RussianUS defense chiefs exchange views on Ukraine in first phone call – BelousovAustin ( Tass RU )

– RUC: ICC issues arrest warrants for Shoigu and Gerasimov – Russia does not recognize jurisdiction ( RT RU )

– RUC: Russia working on a big treaty with Iran – negotiated in TehranMoscow – Maria Zakharova ( Reuters )

– RUC: Russia has blocked more than 80 European media outlets – Foreign Ministry ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Russia can only rely on itself when it comes to weapons – Putin tells Zarubin ( RT RU )


– USC: Putin shows he can antagonize the US far afield from Ukraine – DPRK, VN summits can ‘inflict pain’ on USNATO ( NYT )

– USC: Putin came to Asia to ‘disrupt’ and he succeeded – injecting more ‘potential threats’ into strained region ( NYT )

– USC: US exceptionalism is dead no matter who wins the elections – Andreas Kluth ( Bloomberg 💬 )


– EUK: Bulgaria’s ‘pro-Russia far-right’ party wants to form government – conditions : leaving NATO, rejecting Europe ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Confiscating Moscow‘s assets runs unpredictable legal / financial risks – Belgian FM van Peteghem warns ( RT RU )

– EUK: German opposition – CDU Friedrich Merz, likely chancellor – shifts on Ukraine with call for peace talks ( Times UK )

– EUK: Hungary’s Sovereignty Protection Office launches investigation Transparency International local branch ( Reuters )

– EUK: Slovakia files criminal complaint against ex-PM Heger, ed-DM Nad for giving Ukraine fighter jets ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Hungary blocks joint EU statement denouncing Russia‘s media ban – we banned theirs first ( Euronews )

– EUK: Training on Ukrainian pilots on Danish soil stops after 2024 – DM Troels Lund Poulsen ( Finans DK )


– EUK: Europe’s shrinking armies struggling to find soldiers – US help not guaranteed, UK-DE-FR-IT decline ( FT UK Big Read )

– EUK: Emmanuel Macron triggered France’s Brexit moment, warns Michel Barnier – EU chief negotiator ( Telegraph UK ☆ )

– EUK: Emmanuel Macron says ready to talk to Putin – The French leader ‘believes in the power of dialogue’ ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Nationalism is not the answer for French voters – Pistorius at joint PolishGerman press conference ( Reuters )

– EUK: Olaf Scholz said SPD support for Ukraine is linked to its declining popularity – Tagesschau interview ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Even Macron’s closest allies fear his brand is toxic – complicating lives by refusing to keep quiet ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: The French election risks torpedoing the global order – for the EUNATO and the West ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Macron warned of civil war if Melanchon‘s ‘far left’ – or Le Pen‘s ‘far right’ wins ( Politico EU )


– USC: US Air Force ousts head of its troubled $131b ICBM program – Colonel Charles Clegg – loss of confidence ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Fearing losses, banks are quietly dumping real estate loans –  If landlords can’t pay back loans, banks will suffer ( NYT )

– USC: US borrowing binge risks market strains, analysts warn – Treasury bills forecast to soar above $6tn ( FT UK 💬 )

– USC: Egregious Pentagon delays reflect problem the military is just starting to solve – Editorial Board ( WaPo )

– USC: US defense industry faces uncertainty despite production ‘boomlet’ – needs longer-term funding ( FT UK )

– USC: US shoppers tighten their belts in a most unlikely place: the grocery store – food sales contract ( FT UK )  

– USC: Biden may have a petrol problem – Voters are worried about inflation and gas prices ( FT UK )


– EUK: Le Pen‘s protégé Bardella plotting Thatcher assault on EU – cut France’s contribution to EU budget by €2b ( Times UK )

– EUK: With Macron distracted, Germany shuts down push for joint EU debt – no preparation for joint bonds done ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: France could trigger the next euro crisis – Runaway budget deficit & confrontation w Brussels – Rachman ( FT UK 💬 )

– EUK: German business insolvencies surge in first half of 2024 – 10-year high, 30% up from 2023, 11,000 Jan-Jun ( FAZ DE )

– EUK: Wealthy foreigners step up plans to leave UK as taxes increase – ‘non dom’ tax on overseas income ( FT UK )

– EUK: French businesses blame ‘political uncertainty’ for drop in orders – sharp slowdown in Eurozone ( FT UK )

– EUK: Britons think UK is in a bad way, but French more pessimistic – new yougov poll ( Guardian UK ☆ )

– EUK: EU economies with high debt need dose of austerity‘ – IMF tells in annual assessment ( Times UK )

– EUK: French Airbus missing – millions of  – parts ‘everywhere’ forces cutback of targets ( Bloomberg )



– USC: Boeing staff demand 40% pay rise amid 737 Max crisis – and 50 year employment guarantees in Seattle ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: Boeing should face criminal charges over deadly crashes, prosecutors say – violating $2.5bn deal to avoid it ( Times UK )

– USC: US ‘on schedule’ in race with China to land people on the Moon – ‘within a few years – NASA chief Bill Nelson ( WaPo )

– USC: Astronauts stranded in space do not know when they’ll return to Earth – analysts examine Boeing Starliner ( Times UK )

– USC: US Amb Nicholas Burns says China undermining diplomacy – weaken US stending and activities in China ( WSJ ☆ )

– USC: Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland calls China‘s EVs a threat to Canada and vows to fight back ( Toronto Star )

        ┕ ‘threatening’ workers by unfairly cranking up cheap EVs – must defend nascent and heavily subsidized EV sector


– EUK: ChinaEU agree to hold talks on EV tariffs – Wang Wentao and Valdis Dombrovskis VC on Saturday ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Germany urges EUChina trade talks but criticizes Beijing’s exports to Russia – Habeck in Shanghai ( FT UK )

– EUK: Habeck urges China to stop ‘circumventing EU sanctions on Russia‘ – discuss ‘dual-use goods’ ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Polish President Duda visits China – talked with Xi on Monday about Ukraine, peace and trade ( AP )

– EUK: Habeck blames China‘s Russia support for worsening BerlinBeijing relations ( Politico EU )

┕ EU tariffs are ‘not a punishment’ but ‘compensation for advantages’


– RUC: China becomes first country to retrieve rocks from the Moon‘s far side – Chang’e-6 mission’s sample lands ( NYT )

– RUC: Chinese experts urge EU to scrap tariffs on Chinese EVs by July 4 – consultations begin ( Global Times CN )

– RUC: Russian tourism to China surged 26% in 2024 – despite turn EastTürkiye retained top stop ( RT RU )

– RUC: Chang’e-7 landed safely on Earth with historic samples from the far side of the moon ( Xinhua CN )

– RUC: Chinese Prime Minister Qiang canceled meeting with Robert Habeck ( Welt DE )


– USC: US East Asia envoy – Kittenbrink – says South China Sea situation deeply concerning – in Hanoi after Putin ( Reuters )

– USC: US aircraft carrier – Theodore Roosevelt – arrives in South Korea as a show of force against nuclear-armed NK ( AP )

– USC: US welcomed Vietnam planning and investment minister for economic talks days after Putin visits Hanoi ( Reuters )

– USC: US and Philippines seek to de-escalate after sea skirmish with China – near Second Thomas Shoal ( WaPo )


– ASO: Japan condemns ‘intolerable’ US army after soldier charged with rape of teenager – incident in Okinawa ( Telegraph UK )

– ASO: Oxford anglophile ’emperor’ Naruhito on first state visit to UK – looking to augment’ alliance with US there ( Times UK )

– ASO: Drag goes mainstream in the Philippines – a ‘bastion of christianity’ – ‘political statement’ and ‘self expression’ ( NYT )

– ASO: Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council says Beijing ‘has no jurisdiction’ – urges not to be ‘threatened or intimidated’ ( ABC )

– ASO: Filipinos doubt US reliability as Marcos deescalates – Manila and Washington press for diplomacy ( Asia Times )

– ASO: Japanese ’emperor’ greeted with pomp and pageantry on UK state visit – received by King at parade ( Times UK )

– ASO: Vietnam reaffirms ‘Strategic Partnership’ with US a day after Putin visit – FM Bui Than Son ( Vietnam+ VN )

– ASO: Fresh ‘unrest’ in New Caledonia after independence activists flown to France for detention ( Guardian UK )

– ASO: Thailand to send farm workers to Israel – first time since 10-7 – target is 10,000 – Labor Ministry ( Reuters )

– ASO: India supplied Israel with Hermes drones, other weapons from joint factory – Ynet report ( MEMO UK )

– ASO: Autocracy is ‘evil‘ – Taiwan president Lai says after China threatens death for separatism ( Reuters )

– ASO: The Philippines seeks US ‘clarification’ on the Pentagon anti-vax propaganda operation ( Reuters )

– ASO: Vietnam’s Prime Minister Pham Minh Chin to pay working visit to China June 24-27 ( Reuters )


– RUC: China issues judicial guidelines on punishment on diehard ‘Taiwan independence’ forces ( Global Times CN )



– USC: They miscalculated – Gaza‘s $230m floating aid pier failing to deliver in rough seas – future in question ( Guardian UK )

– USC: US warns of Hezbollah ‘provocations’ as diplomats try to avert IsraelLebanon war – Austin meets Gallant ( FT UK )

– USC: It’s all happening again – Houthis intensify strikes on Suez-bound ships, global shipping prices are soaring ( NYT )

– USC: ‘No one knows what he’s going to say– White House fears mount about Bibi‘s Washington DC visit ( Politico US )

– USC: US hasn’t withheld weapons for Israel, but it’s done fast-tracking them – unnamed US official ( Times of Israel )

– USC: Canada urges citizens to leave Lebanon citing unpredictable security situation – FM Melanie Joly ( Reuters )

– USC: Democrats wrestle with whether to attend Netanyahu’s address to Congress as many plan to boycott ( AP )

– USC: US offers assurances to Israel this week in the event of full-blown war with Hezbollah – Hochstein ( CNN )

– USC: US likely unable to assist Israel in war with Hezbollah – US JCOS chair Charles Brown ( Times of Israel )

– USC: Iran liable to join fight if Israel takes on Hezbollah – US JCOS chair Charles Brown ( Times of Israel )


– EUK: It is absolutely unacceptable for Hezbollah to threaten Cyprus – ‘a member of the EU – Greek FM ( eKathimerini GR )

– EUK: British ‘sovereign bases’ in Cyprus have not hosted Israeli aircraft or personnel in war – Foreign Office ( Times UK )

– EUK: The Middle East is drifting leaderless to catastrophe. War is just an airstrike away – Tisdall ( Guardian UK 💬 )

– EUK: New German citizens must declare Israel’s right to exist – overhaul ‘to adhere to country’s values ( FT UK )

– EUK: Germany’s Baerbock slams Israel’s settlement expansion plans, human rights violations ( MEMO UK )

– EUK: Annalena Baerbock travels IsraelWest BankLebanon – her eighth trip since 10-7 ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: Germany‘s Baerbock calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza, ahead of her Israel visit ( Andalou TR )

– EUK: Cyprus stresses neutrality after Hezbollah threat over Israel war – ‘a pillar of peace’ ( Guardian UK )


– AFR: US military looks for West Africa ‘Plan B’ after Niger ousting – JCOS chair General Brown lands in Botswana ( Reuters )

– AFR: Many African nations want France out, but Kagame‘s Rwanda is ’embracing’ French influence ( NYT )


– WEA: Suspected Yemen attack targets vessel further away – 450km / 280mi – than previous assaults – UKMTO ( AP )

– WEA: Yemen Houthi rebel attack targets a ship in the Gulf of Aden as the Eisenhower reportedly heads home ( AP )

– WEA: Israeli drone strike kills Hamas ‘weapons supplier’ 25 miles inside Lebanon – Bekaa district ( Times UK )

– WEA: Thousands of rebels offer to joint Hezbollah in fight against Israel – Iraq, SyriaAfghanistan ( AP )


– PAL: Dozens killed in Israeli strikes in densely populated Gaza locations – aimed at ‘senior Hamas commander’ ( Guardian UK )

– PAL: Israeli airstrike on Gaza clinic killed directors of directors Ambulance and Emergency Department ( Reuters )


– UN: Half-million Gazans face catastrophic hunger levels – aid has collapsed – UN-backed report ( WaPo )

– UN: UNRWA chief Lazzarini urges world to push back against efforts to disband agency ( Reuters )


– ISR: Arriving in the US, DM Gallant says meetings ‘critical for the future of the war’ – ‘transition’ to a new stage ( Times of Israel )

– ISR: Israeli defense minister Gallant ‘tries to calm tensions on Washington visit – meeting White House officials ( Times UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu reiterates claim that the US is withholding weapon deliveries – ‘dramatic drop’ in arms shipments ( Euronews )

– ISR: IDF troops will move from Gaza to Lebanon border – Netanyhu says – as US warned of widening conflict ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: ‘My life’s mission is to thwart establishment of Palestinian state’ – Smotrich want to annex West Bank ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: Number of Israeli disabled soldiers exceeds 70,000 since 7 October – MOD reports on Israeli channel 7 ( MEMO UK )

– ISR: Israeli commission sends Netanyahu warning – suspected wrongdoing in German Submarine purchases ( Reuters )

– ISR: Israel accepts EU invite to discuss bilateral relations – but rejects Borrell‘s suggestion to address Gaza ( Euronews )

– ISR: Netanyahu says he will only accept a partial cease-fire deal that would not end the war – Israeli Channel 14 ( AP )

– ISR: Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war ( Guardian UK ☆ )

– ISR: Smotrich describes secret government bid – caught on tape – to cement control of West Bank ( NYT )

– ISR: Israel‘s Supreme Court unanimously ruled that ultra-Orthodox Jews must be drafted ( RT RU )

– ISD: IDF ‘will investigate’ soldiers who tied a Palestinian man to a vehicles bonnet ( Guardian UK )



– USC: Trump freewheels towards debate as Biden rehearses at Camp David – Sunday talk show upcoming ( Guardian UK )

– USC: US gets help from group that supports elections in fragile democracies – Carter Center Democracy Program ( FT UK )

– USC: Rise of the TrumpBiden ‘double haters’ throws election wide open – ¼ voters – highest in history – Pew ( Times UK )

– USC: Trump conviction fuels $141m fundraising boost – every time there is a ‘surge in financial support’ ( Times UK )


– LAT: Sheinbaum’s American experience offers clues to her approach to US relations – years of living in California ( NYT )


💬 = Opinion piece

 ☆  = Exclusive

USC = United States + Canada

RUC = Russia + China

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel | PAL = Palestine

ASO = Australia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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