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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline





– USC: US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said G7 loan to Ukraine is definitely legal – there’s no legal issue here ( Politico US )

– USC: Why Ukraine isn’t ready for Putin‘s peace talks – historians, CEOs answer the same – only on our terms ( Bloomberg πŸ’¬ )

– USC: Biden met Pope Francis as G7 wrapped up ‘strongly pro-Ukraine‘ summit – surge of populism worried leaders ( WaPo )

– USC: Western leaders – KamalaScholzMeloniSunak and Ursula – dismissed the Russian cease-fire terms ( Euronews )

– USC: Biden‘s condition shocked allies as G7 summit – one saying he’s the ‘worst he’s ever been – report ( NYP )

– USC: US pushed through a 36-page G7 communique on 2nd day of the Italian summit ( Guardian UK )

┝ it condemned China‘s harmful overcapacity and ties to Russia – despite German misgivings

        β” it expressed full solidarity and support for Israel, and reaffirmed unwavering support towards its security

        β”• it said Russia must end its illegal war of aggression‘ and pay for damage – exceeding $486b acc. to World Bank


– EUK: The Saudi Govt issued a statement how MBS won’t attend G7 due to ‘commitments related to Hajj’ ( Agenzia Nova IT )

– EUK: German Ch Scholz said Putin was trying to ‘dictate’ peace – ‘more just and equitable peace’ needed ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called the Russian president’s ceasefire proposal ‘propaganda’ ( BBC UK )

– EUK: Italian PM Meloni says EU states ‘won’t be directly involved‘ in G7 $50b Ukraine loan ‘for now ( Telegraph UK )

        β”• $50 billion has already been announced will be provided by the USCanada, the UK and ‘probably‘ Japan ( Reuters )


– USC: Vice President Harris unveiled new $1.5b energy and ‘humanitarian‘ aid package for Ukraine at Summit ( Politico EU )


 EUK: Ukraine summit ‘strives for consensus’ – way forward now uncertain – unclear if future talks will include Russia ( Reuters )

– EUK: Colombian Pr Petro pulled out of Piss Summit because it was ‘not a free forum’ – conclusions predetermined ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Swiss President says conference revealed ‘differences in viewpoints –  countries refused to sign communique ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Disappointing end to Ukraine summit as allies agree to watered-down peace declaration – failure to sign ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Swiss ‘right-wing’ leader called Summit an embarrassment’ and damaging the country’s traditional neutrality ( Reuters )

– EUK: 50 ‘heads of state’ attended Swiss Piss Summit at BΓΌrgenstock luxury resort in Lucerne, Switzerland ( Euronews )

– EUK: Swiss summit joint communique demands ‘territorial integrity’ of Ukraine – signed by 78 of 91 countries ( Euronews )

– EUK: Ukraine‘s global outreach hits wall as summit goals fall short – as key global powers failed to sign ( Bloomberg )

        β” Signed outside of US-dominated NATOstan : TΓΌrkiye, Milei’s Argentina, Iraq, Qatar, Rwanda, Jordan, the UN

        β” Withdrew support after : Iraq, Jordan

        β”• Did not sign: Armenia, Brazil, Vatican, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, South Africa

– EUK: Meloni leads Europe against Russia as she sends ‘powerful’ ultimatum to Putin – after Swiss Summit ( Express UK )

β”• ‘accept peace now or we will force you to accept it on the battlefield

– EUK: The war between Russia and Ukraine is set to grind on as a diplomatic conference packs little punch ( AP )

– EUK: As Ukraine’s peace summit ends, many hope Russia will join future efforts ( AP )


– Ukraine Presidential aide Podolyak said Russia‘s ceasefire proposal was ‘highly offensive’ and a ‘complete sham’ ( Euronews )

– Ukraine’s FM Kuleba said that the next summit should end the war’ – and that Russia is needed at the table as well ( RT RU )

– Ukraine’s ‘President’ Elensky – Ukraine will present action plan to Russia at second peace summit ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– Ukraine’s ‘President’ Elensky described the war as absolutely unprovoked / ‘the only person who wanted it is Putin ( speech )

– Polish President Andrzej Duda – ‘this dragon needs to be decapitated’ through to the tough stance of the free world ( speech )

– Polish President Andrzej Duda proposed Russia be divided into 200 ethnic states called it a ‘colonial power’ ( speech )

– Finnish President Stubb strongly urged China – non-participant – to convince Russia to end the war’ ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– Finnish President Stubb said Ukraine starting peace process from a position of strength – stronger than 3 weeks ago ( speech )

– Finnish President Stubb lamented loss of territory to Russia during and before WW2 – Russia invaded‘ Finland ( speech )

– Italian Prime Minister Gergia Meloni said Russia will accept terms on Ukraine or it will be forced to surrender ( speech )

– US Vice President Kamala Harris said the Ukraine war ‘remains an utter failure for Putin‘ in meeting with Elensky ( Reuters )

– US Vice President Kamala Harris told Elensky that the US supports ‘a just and lasting peace for Ukraine ( AP )

– British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Putin had ‘no interest in genuine peace’ in Ukraine ( Independent UK )

– EU Council President Urusula von der Leyen called on Russia to stop it’s imperialist violence ( speech )

– Moldovan President Sandu called Ukraine‘s Peace, Moldova‘s peace – Slava Ukraini ( speech )


– 404: Fmr. Dep. Health Minister Zahriychuk, ten doctors were detained in the case of illegal sale of human organs ( Antikor UA )

– 404: Ukraine to get German ‘Frankenstein’ A/D tank – ‘state of the art guns’ grafted onto ‘cold-war-era hulls’ ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: ‘This is like Gallipoli’ – wounded and outnumbered Ukrainians describe hardest battle yet – holding Krynky ( Times UK )

– 404: Arms prices are soaring – ‘we need Β£800b to beat Putin – ~$1t Ukraine says – prices rose five and sixfold ( Times UK )

– 404: UkraineRussia talks are as elusive as ever – but in 2022 they were talking – full set of documents ( NYT )

– 404: The Crimean Bridge has little military value β€“ Ukrainian Navy spokesman Dmitry Pletenchuk ( RT RU )


– USC: US Navy faces its most intense combat since World War II against Yemen’s Houthi rebels – leaders and experts ( AP )

– USC: US House of representatives passed defense bill automatically registering men 18-26 for draft ( Fox )

– USC: Houthi attack forces crew to abandon Greek-owned Tutor coal carrier in Red Sea ( Guardian UK )


– EUK: In southwestern FranceUkrainian pilots are learning to fly fighter jets – F-16s and Mirage-5s to be sent later ( Euronews )

– EUK: NATO in talks to put more nuclear weapons in Europe – Stoltenberg issued ‘stark warning’ about China ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Germans are worshiping the God of War once more – long road back to former combat power – Axe ( Telegraph UK πŸ’¬ )

– EUK: Augsburg we can still defend, Berlin and MΓΌnchen no longer‘ – KNDS tank builder chief says 300 tanks left ( FAZ DE )

– EUK The Kiev Symphony Orchestra has found a new home in Germany – 70 musicians, β…” mobilization age men ( DW DE )

– EUK: Sweden scrambled fighter jets to intercept Russian Su-27 over border – Armed Forces statement ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: The German opposition wants Ukrainian men to return home and fight – Thomas Frei, CDU party said ( RT RU )

– EUK: ALL six British Royal Navy attack submarines are confined to port – docked awaiting repairs ( Daily Mail UK )


– RUC: Xi Jinping claimed the US was trying to goad Beijing to attack Taiwan – April 2023 meet with EU commission ( FT UK )

– RUC: China stockpiling nuclear warheads faster than US and Russia – great powers to step back and reflect? ( Times UK )

– RUC: Russian special forces killed Islamic State-linked hostage takers in Rostov – free two guards, kill six ( Guardian UK )

– RUC: NATO chief is saber-rattling with nuclear weapons – more nukes on standby is double standards – Peskov ( RT RU )


– ASO: USCanadaJapanPhilippines conduct exercises in Manila‘s ‘exclusive economic zone’ in South China Sea ( Reuters )

– ASO: Putin will visit Vietnam highlighting ‘communist-ruled’ nation’s loyalty to Russia, triggers US rebuke of Hanoi ( Euractiv )

– ASO: Philippine Defence Secretary Gilberto Teodoro says to resist China‘s ‘reckless behavior’ in S-C Sea ( Reuters )

– ASO: China views Taiwan‘s elimination as national cause – Taiwan ‘President’ Lai Ching-Te says ( Reuters )

– ASO: Putin to visit Pyongyang at Kim Jong Un‘s invitation – as US and allies decry military ties ( Reuters )

– ASO: China‘s premier Li arrives in Australia – says ties are back on track – first visit in 7 years ( Reuters )


– 404: Time will play in Ukraine‘s favor once F-16s and more Western aid arrive – commander Syrskyi said ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Ukraine‘s Azov Brigade sends direct message to US after arms ban lifted – ‘this is a new page in our history’ ( Newsweek )

– 404: US munitions finally start arriving on Ukraine front line – but won’t be enough – Ivan Havrylyuk 1st D-DM ( Telegraph UK )

– 404: US is deliberately delaying training for Ukrainian F-16 pilots – arms and munitions commission Ustinova ( Guardian UK )

– 404: ICC is investigating alleged Russian cyberattacks in Ukraine as ‘war crimes’ – Ukraine ‘collecting evidence’ ( Euractiv )

– 404: ‘Football is not just a sport’ – Ukraine national team make emotional plea ahead of Euro 2024 debut ( Euronews )

– 404: Putin could use nuclear weapon if he’s losing – Security Council head Oleksandr Lytvynenko ( Times UK )


– USC: Watchdog panel says members of Canada‘s parliament colluded with foreign powers – but won’t name names ( WaPo )

– USC: Pentagon ran secret campaign to undermine China in Philippines – clandestine op to undermine Sinovac ( Reuters )

– USC: OpenAI appoints former top US ‘cyberwarrior’ retired Army General Paul Nakasone to its board of directors ( AP )


– EUK: EU urges China to stop human rights crackdown – Xinjiang in particular, also Tibet, Hong Kong – statement ( Reuters )

– EUK: Georgia is ‘actively working’ to restore diplomatic relations with Russia – Mtavari state broadcaster ( Novaya Gazeta EU )

– EUK: UK‘s MI5 issued Chinese spy alert to divert attention from PM Johnson’s lockdown scandal, court hears ( Reuters )

– EUK: Europe‘s march to the right leaning closer to Putinworries Elensky – public opinion is also ‘shifting’ ( Times UK )

– EUK: French Army COS Pierre Schill says conflict with Russia proves that public opinion must be controlled ( RT RU )

– EUK: Chinese firm sought to use Imperial College London to assess AI for ‘possible military use ( Guardian UK β˜† )

– EUK: Britain shouldn’t wave the nuclear white flag. We could flatten Russia – Hamish DBG ( Telegraph UK πŸ’¬ )

– EUK: Putin’s nuclear arsenal is crumblingUkraine can take it out for good – Hamish DBG ( Telegraph UK πŸ’¬ ) 

– EUK: Rod Stewart booed by German crowd for Ukraine support ( Euronews )


– LAT: Brazil seeks pro-Bolsonaro rioters who fled to Argentina – official request to identify, before extradition ( Guardian UK )


– ASO: In need of munitions for the war in UkraineVladimir Putin will visit DPRK for the first time in nearly 25 years ( NYT )


– AFR: US Embassy employee – husband of US diplomat – charged with sexually abusing girls in Burkina Faso home ( WaPo )


– USC: ‘higher interest rates’ have created 63 problem banks and $517b in unrealized losses – FDIC report ( Business Insider )

– USC: Treasury must promote crypto stablecoins backed by dollar to stave off US debt crisis – keep up with China ( WSJ πŸ’¬ )

– USC: After ‘foreign agent’ law caused ‘uproar’ – Georgian dream has fast-tracked another ‘concerning’ law ( Atlantic Council )

– USC: FAA investigating how counterfeit Titanium got into Boeing and Airbus jets – falsified documents from China ( NYT )

– USC: Biden ready to reopen US oil stockpile if petrol prices surge again – Hochstein says fuel cost still too high ( FT UK )


– EUK: More Germans buckle under debt after ‘rocky few years’ for Economy – inflation, high energy costs, interest ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Denmark seeks to stop shadow tanker fleet carrying Russian oil in Baltic Sea – no clarification on measures ( Reuters )

– EUK: Russia overtook US as gas supplier to Europe in May – highlighting ‘difficulty’ in weaning off Russian energy ( FT UK )

– EUK: BirminghamUK‘s second-largest city is forced to dim lights and cut sanitation services due to bankruptcy ( ABC AU )

– EUK: Scholz demands more ‘team spirit’ from bickering coalition partners as 2025 budget showdown looms ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Germany blocks first-ever sanctions on Russian liquified natural gas – talks fell apart the last minute ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Germany mulls migration pact with Uzbekistan to deport Afghans – and avoid deals with Taliban ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Spain has resumed imports of Russian iron, steel and aluminium after three-month pause ( Lenta RU )

– EUK: The high cost of living is still biting the UK. Many don’t think the election will change anything ( AP )

– EUK: Putin‘s blood fertilizer is flooding Europe – imports have grown by 920% ( Bild DE )

– EUK: Surge in ‘vanishing’ pubs as 80 locations close per month ( Telegraph UK )


– LAT: 72% of Argentinians say economic situation has worsened since Javier Milei came to power – new poll ( La Politica )


– ASO: IndiaUS commit to addressing barriers to bilateral trade, cooperation – Sullivan in New Delhi ( Reuters )


– RUC: China has become a scientific superpower –  from plant biology to superconductor physics, cutting edge ( Economist UK )

– RUC: China opens tit-for-tat anti-dumping probe into European pork imports – Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France ( Euractiv )

– RUC: America’s assassination attempt on Huawei is backfiring – growing stronger and less vulnerable ( Economist UK )

– RUC: Russia will demand compensation for sanctions – Medvedev – others nations should do the same ( RT RU )


– USC: BidenObama and Kimmel warned about the ‘dangers of a Trump presidency‘ at star-studded LA fundraiser ( WaPo )

– USC: Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected – allies scrambling to secure long-term aid ( Politico US )

– USC: Top CEOs flock to Trump again – US bank leaders want ‘seat at the table’ – JPMorgan, BOA, Citi, Wells Fargo ( WSJ )

– USC: ClooneyKimmel and other a-listers at Hollywood Biden gala raised a record $28m in donations ( Telegraph UK )

– USC: ClooneyRoberts and Spielberg among ‘big names’ at Biden fundraiser – Obama in ‘supporting role’ ( Times UK )

– USC: Joe Biden to paint Trump as ‘unhinged’ felon in $50mn ad campaign – ahead of first tv debate ( FT UK )

– USC: The Biden campaign needs younger voters – and younger celebrity backers ( WSJ )


– EUK: EU ambassadors agree ‘in principle’ to negotiate membership ‘frameworks’ for UkraineMoldova – June 25 ( Politico EU )

– EUK: ‘Russian roulette’ – French centrist are ‘losing sleep’ after Macron‘s gamble on snap election ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: In Macron‘s home town Amiens, voters ditch him to ‘restore order’ – flock to ‘hard’ left and right ( Times UK )

– EUK: Baerbock is ‘interested’ in running for Chancellor again – a shock to Robert Habeck ( Bild DE )  

– EUK: Ukraine-skeptic’ Peter Pellegrini – is sworn in as Slovakia‘s new president ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: EU leaders meet to divvy up top jobs – informal summit in Brussels to discuss, assign top jobs ( Euronews )

– EUK: EU leaders expected to agree to top job ‘package deal over dinner ( Euractiv )

β”• new consensusVon der Leyen for Commission, Kaja Kallas for High Representative, AntΓ³nio Costa for Council

– EUK: No political deal on EU top jobs after leaders’ meeting / dinner in Brussels – despite hopes of agreement ( Euronews )


– USC: In the ‘search for hostages’ the US is Israel‘s key intelligence partner – extraordinary amount of support provided ( WaPo )

– USC: ‘Key democrats’ approve major $18b arms sale to Israel, 50 F-15s – pressure from the Biden administration ( WaPo )

– USC: US ‘envoy’ Amos Hochstein dispatched to Israel for talks to avert deeper conflict with Hezbollah ( Guardian UK )


– ISR: Israel announced daily ‘tactical pause’ to ‘allow aid into’ Gaza – Netanyahu found the break unacceptable ( Telegraph UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu dissolved his 6-member war cabinet amid row with army – decisions to be made with advisors ( Telegraph UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu and Ben Gvir denounced ‘tactical pause’ – ‘whoever decided it was a fool and should lose their job’ ( Reuters )

– ISR: Israel‘s DM Gallant rejected Macron‘s initiative to ‘work together to defuse situation with Lebanon‘ ( Times of Israel )

– ISR: Netanyahu sits on dual bombs : Ultra-Orthodox draft exemption passed, but Ceasefire outcome looms ( Times UK )

┝ Netanyahu: I did not really mean it –  the proposal was forced on me by Gantz and the Β­Americans

β”• NetanyahuIt does not matter because Hamas will never accept it anyway

– ISR: Israel defense exports hit record $13.1 billion in 2023 – government report – doubled over past five years ( Reuters )

– ISR: Likud MK Nissim Vaturi compares anti-government protests in Israel to a branch of Hamas ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: 11 funerals for IDF commanders, soldiers held across Israel – three separate ‘incidents’ in Gaza ( TO Israel )


– WEA: Hamas response to Gaza ceasefire proposal was consistent with US plan’s principles – Haniyeh ( Reuters )

– WEA: Erdogan says Biden is facing a test of sincerity in handling the Gaza war – at G7 summit ( Reuters )


– PAL: The war in Gaza has wiped out entire Palestinian families. We document 60 who lost dozens or more ( AP )

– PAL: Maybe it’s better my children are in heaven – Eid in the ruins of Gaza – praying for ceasefire ( Times UK )


– UN: UN Humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths: world leaders failing us – breaking compact between people, power ( WaPo πŸ’¬ )

– UN : WFP senior official Carl Skau warned of water and sanitation catastrophe if Gaza conflict continues ( Euronews )

– UN: Gaza hostilities continue despite Israeli armed forces announcement, UNRWA chief Lazzarini ( Reuters )


APPENDIX : Videoclips

– Trudeu’s salute :

– Bridget Bink’s fears :

– Biden raising funds :

– Romanian fans vs Ukraine :

– Rutte thinks Putin panics :

– NATO kids’ propaganda :

– Kirby – gotta win war first :

– Zaporozhye β€˜Ukraine’ :


πŸ’¬ = Opinion piece

 β˜†  = Exclusive

USC = United States + Canada

RUC = Russia + China

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel | PAL = Palestine

ASO = Australia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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