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Blowback: Exposing Imperial Decline



 NORMANDY – I wonder if we missed anything, this leads into Macron’s European collapse, dissolving of govt, and snap elections.

EU ELECTIONS – It’s the faux legitimacy arm of the EU project, still – the changes are called an ‘earthquake’ / ‘hard-right surge’

EU CLEARLY DIVIDED – The war parties got beaten, and the divisions are now ultra-rigid, interesting times ahead.

SPIEF 2024 – Undiscussed last time, I think there’s a lot there that’s new, as well as a lot that’s not.

DEAD EVENTS – G-7 in Italy this week, Piss Summit in Switzerland in two, NATO in DC in July – they all look pretty dead to me.



– 404: Elensky told the French parliament that Russia was returning Europe to the time of Nazism ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )


– USC: Biden marked D-Day with a big speech above the cliffs stormed by US rangers 80 years ago – Pointe Du Hoc  ( various )

┝ He ‘asked Americans to recommit to democracy’  and to ‘resist isolationism’ while reassuring Elensky ( France24 )

        ┝ He channeled Reagan, and contrasted with Trump – promoting ‘democracies & alliances’ ( WaPo )

        ┕ Steven Spielberg helped prepare‘ this speech dubbed Saving Private Biden‘  ( Daily Mail UK )

– USC: Biden met with Elensky in Paris to reassure him of continued, steadfast US support ( Bloomberg  )

        ┝ He APOLOGIZED to Elensky for ‘monthslong’ delays in US money, weapons deliveries to Ukraine ( video )

┝ ‘I’m not going to walk away from you’ he told Elensky ‘We’re still in completely, thoroughly’

        ┕ He announced a new $225 billion military aid package to Ukraine – contents meager, quantities unknown

– USC: Biden authorized the use of US weapons on Belgorod border region of Russia – in exclusive interview ( ABC ☆ )

        ┝ He clarified that US weapons use would not be ‘200 miles in, not on the Kremlin’ 

        ┕ He admitted Ukrainian strikes with US weapons could escalate conflict but said it ‘was unlikely’ 

– USC: Biden really wants Europe to seize the  €190b Russian sovereign assets frozen in Belgium’s Euroclear ( various )

┝ US wants sanctions guarantee from EU to back $50b loan – must be frozen indefinitely – discussion paper ( FT UK )

┝ Biden will seek to persuade G-7 leaders at upcoming summit – Italy 13 June – to back the above plan ( VOA / CIA )

┝ Biden pressured Macron to ‘leverage’ the $300b frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine immediately ( Politico EU )

┕ Biden and Macron released joint ‘roadmap’ backing efforts to use frozen Russian assets ( Guardian UK )

– USC: John Kirby also reassured Elensky that US was behind him ‘every step of the way’ including his ‘piss formula’ ( Tass RU )

– USC: Biden overruled / blocked a proposal by Macron on sending troops to Ukraine – citing escalation worries  ( Politico EU )

– USC: Biden shut the door on Ukraine joining NATO – citing weakened chances at reelection ( Business Insider )

– USC: Biden confused Iraq and Ukraine while speaking to reporters in Paris, France ( Newsweek )

– USC: Biden most likely sh*t himself on stage with Macron and was led off by Jill Biden ( video )


– EUK: Macron welcomed Biden with Arc de Triomphe ceremony before engaging in days-long substantive talks ( various )

        ┝ Macron thanked Biden for critical US’ role in helping Ukraine fend off Russian ‘aggression’ ( Politico US )

┝ They reiterated support for Ukraine, as well as warnings that Putin ‘wouldn’t stop if he wins in Ukraine’ ( ~ )

┝ Jake Sullivan called the discussions ‘intense’ and ‘sensitive’ hinting at disagreement in other areas ( ~ )

┝ They did not see eye-to-eye on China – Macron cited ‘unfair competition’ from both superpowers ( Sputnik RU )

        ┝ They welcomed the return of 4 Israeli hostages – and vowed to continue ceasefire efforts ( Guardian UK )

        ┕ They intensified efforts to prevent a Middle East explosion – Macron is cited as saying ( Reuters )

– EUK: Macron builds coalition’ to send NATO troops to Ukraine – has ‘agreements’ with allies, is ‘finalizing’ plans ( RT RU )

        ┝ Germany, Spain, ItalyCzechia, UK have denounced the plan, with Italy’s Mateo Salvini being most vocal:

┕ The Italian deputy PM told Macron to ‘put on a helmet and a vest, and go to Ukraine. Just don’t bother the Italians’

– EUK: Macron wants to supply Ukraine with French Mirage 2000-5 warplanes – train pilots and troops in France ( France 24 )


– RUC: French military in Ukraine would be ‘legitimate target’ for Russia – Lavrov presser with Congolese FM ( Tass RU )


– 404: Ukraine fears a new ‘hard-right’ politicians could slash support for their ‘already difficult’ war ( Euronews )


– EUK: Danish PM cancels elections, political events following street assault – hit by a man – and ‘whiplash’ ( Euronews )

– EUK: Brussels basically ‘pre-blames‘ Russian meddling for expected swing to the right in EU elections ( Times UK )

– EUK: Von der Leyen warns of outside interference after hard-right surge – blocked some influence ops ( Times UK )

– EUK: As voters head to the polls, Europe’s future lies in Ukraine’s recovery ( Euronews 💬 )

– EUK: In short, the center held on, the so-called ‘far-right’ surged, the so-called ‘left’ got decimated ( Euronews )

        ┝ Le Pen’s National Rally won, Macron’s Renaissance party lost bad

┝ German Christian Democrats won,  AFD came second – Scholz’s Social Democrats / Baerbock’s Greens decimated

┝ Hungary’s Fidesz won, but lost some ground to new TISZA party

┕ Pan-Liberal Renew Europe group lost the most seats

– EUK: Macron‘s shock election call rocked markets – Euro fell to lowest – French banks slid, Macron may lose control ( Reuters )

– EUK: Scholz spells ‘sheer catastrophe by lack of leadership for Germany – Deutsche Börse trading corp. boss ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: The EU election spells trouble for Ukraine – FR-GER underperformance leaves Europe weak, ineffectual ( Spectator UK )

– EUK: Macron evokes horrors of fascism in pre-election warning to France – must not be allowed to ‘recommence’ ( Times UK )

– EUK: ‘New queens’ of Europe form unlikely and fragile alliance – Meloni and VDL discuss environment, migration ( Times UK )

– EUK: Macron has laid a trap for the hard right by calling a surprise parliamentary election – Elysées sources ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Olaf Scholz has been humiliated – and Germany is now in crisis – German Historian Katya Hoyer ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: Businesses relieved as EP’s centrist majority holds, but called on lawmakers to reach an agreement quickly ( Euractiv )

– EUK: French parties rejected Macron’s offer for ‘alliance against far right’ – ‘illusory’ to seal pact ahead of snap poll ( FT UK )

– EUK: Macron’s loss in France boosts prospect of second term for von der Leyen – unlikely to ‘disrupt the EU ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Von der Leyen now wants a bastion against left and right extremes –  populist governments are an issue ( EUNews )

– EUK: ‘We cannot ignore rise of extremists‘ – ‘must take note of these voices and think’ – Czech pr. Pavel ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Charles Michel wants to ban Ursula von der Leyen from top job talks – ‘informal EU leader summit’ ( Politico EU )

– EUK: French Election just before Olympics is ‘extremely unsettling’ – Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Macron dissolved parliament ( French National assembly ) after EU defat, called a snap election ( Politico EU )

– EUK: Germany’s AFD called for new national elections – Scholz and ruling ‘traffic light’ coalition rejected it ( DW DE )

– EUK: Italy’s Meloni will welcome the G7 summit fortified by an EU vote that shook FrenchGerman leaders ( AP )

– EUK: Euro falls to a two-year low against pound as EU reels from elections – sent currency tumbling ( Times UK )

– EUK: Belgian PM Alexander De Croo resigns after crushing defeat by right in general election ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: France’s borrowing costs surge as Macron calls snap election –  €60b wiped off stocks ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: Germany to set out conditions for supporting von der Leyen’s nomination – pay a high price ( Euractiv )  

– EUK: France‘s far-right National Rally projected to win snap election without absolute majority ( Reuters )


– USC: US does not expect EU’s rightward shift to bring big foreign policy changes – also VDL to stay on – official ( Telegraph UK )


– ISR: Israel blames recognition of Palestine for Spanish government’s election loss – FM Israel Katz ( Telegraph UK )

– ISR: Israel expects far-right gains in European parliament will rebuff criticism of Gaza war ( Haaretz )


– RUC: Pro-war parties were punished in EP elections which is ‘not a good sign for Biden‘ – Edward Snowden declared ( RT RU )

– RUC: ‘Slava EUkraini’ – Elensky drives the EU anti-establishment to massive gains – caring more for Kiev than home ( RT RU )

– RUC: Scholz and Macron belong to the ash heap of history – respected by no one‘ – Dmitri Medvedev declared ( RT RU )

– RUC: Macron and Scholz are clinging on to power with their last remaining strength‘ – Peskov mocked them ( Politico EU )


– AFR: Lavrov wrapped up tour of Africa in the Sahel – Guinea, Burkina FasoRepublic of Congo, Chad ( Africa News )

– AFR: USUK, Canadian and Belgian citizens were put on trial for failed coup attempt in DR Congo ( BBC, Reuters )

– AFR: Lavrov awarded the ‘Order of the Stallion’ from President Traoré during visit to Burkina Faso ( Sputnik RU )


– RUC: 139 countries attended – $71+ billion in almost 1,000 deals were signed at Saint Petersburg Economic Forum ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Zimbabwe‘s President Mnangagwa and Bolivia’s Luis Arce shared the stage with Putin at plenary session ( Tass RU )

– RUC: Republika Srpska’s Milorad Dodik attended to support Russia under sanctions, introduce new trade ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: Scott Ritter took part in a discussion panel at SPIEF 24 – ‘Empire of Evil’ session – remotely, online ( RT RU )


– RUC: A collection of statements and announcements from the event ( various ):

┝ Russia will be ‘more ruthless and deadly’ against Ukraine‘s backers, NGOs and George Soros – Dmmitri Medvedev

┝ Ural company announced a prize of ₽15m-$168k for first downed F-16 jet – ₽0.5m-$5.6k rest – Sergei Shmotyev

┝ Replacing Russian gas cost the EU $630billion in three years – =eight previous years – Rosneft chief Igor Sechin

┝ Russia intends to fight for a new Polycentric World – they are a minority, worldview shared by noone – Maria Z

┝ West is shooting itself in the foot with sanctions, enabling Russia to grow to fourth in world – FM Anton Siluanov

┝ BRICS members to discuss new unified payment system – bypassing Western SWIFT – FM Anton Siluanov

┝ Products from Republika Srpska will appear in Russian stores after Economic Forum – Milorad Dodik

        ┝ The West wanted to divide Russia into fivePutin fights for country’s interest – Milorad Dodik


┝ RussiaNATO war is ‘bullshit‘ – meant to scare some German and French people and preserve prestige – Putin

┝ Russia is considering arming adversaries of West in ‘sensitive’ areas in response to long-range strikes – Putin

┝ Russian economic growth exceeded global average, driven by non-resource sectors – 5.4% Q1 – Putin

 It is possible to speed up the SMO, but it would be directly proportional to Russian losses – Putin

 Countries have entered a race to strengthen sovereignty – state, culture and economy – Putin

┝ Trust in western payment and financial systems has been fundamentally undermined  Putin

┝ We have our own Hyenas in Europe – they have gone mad –  Putin to Mnangagwa

┝ Russia is not even thinking of using nuclear weapons – we have a doctrine – Putin

 Elensky certainly not legitimate leader he has usurped power in conflict – Putin

 The US is keeping Elensky in power to mobilize even 18yr olds – Putin

┝ Russia will clearly win, conflict will end on Moscow’s terms – Putin

 Wartime negotiations are always based one Victory – Putin


– RUC: Lavrov came home just in time to launch the BRICS 24 Foreign Affairs / International relations summit ( Sputnik RU )

– RUC: BRICS Foreign Ministers called for full membership of Palestine in the UN – immediate, durable ceasefire ( Tass RU )


– USC: Behind closed doors, Biden shows signs of slipping – very politely warning performs poorly at times‘ ( WSJ a week ago )

– USC: Time magazine released the full, verbatim transcript of Biden’s interview with every mumbled word ( TIME 6 days ago )

– USC: Biden insists he’s not involved in his family’s business dealings – but his aides are a different story ( Politico US now )


– USC: White House ‘intervenes’ as Biden accused of mental decline – pressuring Dems to emphasize advantages ( Times UK )

– USC: Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, new YouGov poll finds ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Nevadans‘ unhappiness with the economy is driving Trump‘s support in the state – Governor Joe Lombardo ( NYT 💬 )

– USC: Vice President Kamala Harris argued that Donald Trump’s guilty verdict should disqualify him from presidency ( NYT )

– USC: ‘The economy is all people care about’ – Donald Trump plays a strong hand in Las Vegas, Nevada ( FT UK )

– USC: Trump wants a government of amateurs – ‘accountable only to him’ – 19th century ‘spoils system’ ( NYT 💬 )

– USC: ‘No one is above the law’ prosecutor says as he urges jurors to convict Hunter Biden on gun charges ( AP )

– USC: Hunter Biden’s family weathers a public and expansive airing in federal court of his drug addiction ( AP )

– USC: Biden visits a military cemetery for US soldiers in France that Trump ‘once snubbed’ in 2018 ( NYT )

– USC: Closing arguments begin in Hunter Biden trial without defendant testifying ( Guardian UK )


– EUK: British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is target of prank phone call – Vovan – Lexus not named ( Times UK )

– EUK: Klaus Shwab pranked by Vovan & Lexus – admits Elensky used by Europe ( Sputnik RU )


– 404: Ukraine’s reconstruction official quits – ‘systemic obstacles’ – new blow for Elensky – ‘straining relations w. allies ( FT UK )

– 404: Elensky arrives in Germany for Ukraine Recovery Conference, meets with chancellor Olaf Scholz ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Elensky appeals for urgent funds to reconstruct energy sector before winter – $1t needed $500m for repairs ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Ukrainian, German Finance ministers sign declaration to boost cooperation in business sector ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: It’s time for allies to give Ukraine all arms needed to defeat RussiaElensky says ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– 404: Elensky called on Ukrainian citizens to return from abroad now to restore the country ( video address )

– 404: Elensky warns that pro-Russian rhetoric posed a growing danger to EU nations ( Barron’s / WSJ )



– 404: First Rheinmetall-Ukraine joint production and repair plant becomes operational – location undisclosed ( Kyiv ‘Indepentent’ )

        ┕ Ukrainian workers supervised by Germans. Tax paid to Ukraine, we obtain new technologies.

– 404: Ukraine reconstruction chief quits day before recovery conference – stopped from attending event in Berlin ( Guardian UK )

– 404: Ukraine could launch ‘terror campaign bombing schools if Russia wins war – security analyst Drummond ( Express UK )

– 404: Ukraine’s air force may keep some F-16 warplanes abroad to protect them from Russian strikes – military officer ( AP )

– 404: As Ukraine summer starts with blackouts, worries over winter begin – alarm about what will happen in the cold ( NYT )

– 404: Russia has taken out over half of Ukraine power generation – prepare for ‘life in the cold and dark in winter ( FT UK )

– 404: Draft-dodging plagues Ukraine as Kiev faces acute soldier shortage – Tisza river ‘escape route’ mined ( Politico EU )

– 404: Under a drone-filled sky, Ukraine tries to retake a town – Vovchansk veterans hope for US rockets ( Guardian UK )

– 404: Energy drinks ‘boost Ukraine‘s soldiers’ and its economy – Carlsberg set up in West, at sales rise 50% ( NYT )

– 404: ‘Court of Elensky rocked by chief of staff Andriy Yermak‘s ‘thirst for power’ – ‘officials alarmed‘ ( Times UK ☆ )

– 404: Ukrainians dodging the draft with a perilous mountain trek – Carpathian mountains to Romania ( Times UK )

– 404: Ukraine desperately wants more F-16 trainees – only getting 20 pilots to fly 85 warplanes ( Business Insider )  

– 404: ‘Like Russia Ukraine is now recruiting from prisons – 4,500 convicts ‘sign up’ for program, Kiev says ( WSJ )

– 404: Stalled US F-16 training program ‘frustrates‘ Ukraine – US cited commitments to other nations ( Politico US )

– 404: Ukrainian officials are ‘irritated by US ambassador Bridget Bink drawing attention to corruption ( NBC TV )

– 404: US Westinghouse is working to replace Russian nuclear fuel, and build new reactors for Ukraine ( WSJ )

– 404: Putin is ‘running out of time’ to achieve breakthrough in KharkovUkraine halts ‘offensive’ ( Bloomberg )

– 404: With all eyes on KharkovRussian troops take one Donbas village after another ( Kyiv ‘Indepentent’ )

– 404: Ukrainians are fleeing conscription – ‘This country no longer exists for me ( Newsweek PL )


– RUC: Russia warns that NATO bases hosting F-16s used in attacks are legitimate targets – MP Andrei Kartapolov ( Tass RU )

– RUC: German AfD member Olga Petersen seeks refuge in Russia – feared having children taken by German state ( Bild DE )

– RUC: Dozens killed, including child in strike on Ukrainian strike in Kherson region – governor Vladimir Saldo ( RT RU )

– RUC: US is ‘flirting with neo-Nazis’ to hurt Russia – Dmitry Peskov condemned US decision to whitelist Azov ( RT RU )

– RUC: Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs put ex-UAF speaker ‘Sarah‘ AshtonCirillo on wanted list ( Readovka RU )

– RUC: Intercepted ATACMS missile strike on Lugansk killed at least four, scores injured – Russian officials ( RT RU )

– RUC: Four – including Rossiya24 cameraman – injured after hitting landmine in Russia‘s Belgorod region ( RT RU )

– RUC: Russian oil revenue rose 50% in May as nation adapts to sanctions – also higher Urals prices ( Bloomberg )

– RUC: Russian warships, including latest generation nuclear-powered submarine to visit Cuba next week ( CNN )


– 404: Ukraine‘s ‘push for support’ draws only 45 leaders to Swiss summit – plus representatives from 90 countries ( Bloomberg )

– 404: Elensky personally called CIS leaders, asks them to come to Switzerland – they all refused – Mikhail Galuzin ( Tass RU )

– 404: Ukraine‘s 1st deputy FM Andrii Sybiha flew to Beijing to urge China to send delegation to Swiss Summit ( Reuters )


– USC: Sullivan flew to Copenhagen at Kiev‘s request – stealth meeting with ‘Ukraine critics – IN-BR-SA-TR-CN ( FT UK )

– USC: Kamala Harris will represent the US at a Swiss ‘peace summit’ for Ukraine – Sullivan will attend too ( ABC )


– EUK: Swiss summit will not begin peace talks, but will strengthen support for Ukraine – Olad Scholz ( Kommersant RU )

– EUK: Hungary will attend the peace summit at Foreign Minister level – FM Szijjártó told Tass news ( Hungary Today )

– EUK: The EU has to support Elensky’s peace plan, the best hope for a free Ukraine ( Euronews 💬 )


– LAT: Mexico and Nicaragua also refuse to take part in political farce in Switzerland – diplomatic missions ( Izvestia RU )


– WEA: Western attitudes toward Elensky are shifting, as his public antics and false statements’ alienate allies ( Andalou TR )


– UN: UN Secretary-General Guterres will not attend Swiss ‘peace summit’ – press briefing ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )


– USC: US lifts 10-year weapons ban on Azov Brigade – State Department review of found no evidence of wrongdoing ( WaPo )

– USC: NATO considering the creation of new special envoy post in Ukraine – part of long-term ‘commitment’ ( Foreign Policy )

– USC: Ukraine is a gold mine’ – Russian victory would deprive US of vast mineral resources  – Lindsey Graham ( RT RU )  

– USC: US State Dept imposes visa restrictions on Georgian lawmakers and their families – involved in F.A. law ( State gov )

– USC: Ukraine is confidently winningRussinas have not achieved their strategic goals – Admiral Rob Bauer ( NATO )

– USC: NATO ‘scales back’ 5yr €100b Ukraine funding plan – to €40b/yr – after ‘pushback’ – Stoltenberg ( Bloomberg )

– USC: NATO is using AI to track Russian aircraft – NATO assistant secretary General, David van Wheel ( RT RU )


– EUK: Eastern NATO allies ( Bucharest 9 in Riga ) discuss barring Hungary from their club – in retaliation for Ukraine ( FT UK )

– EUK: NATO chief to meet with Orbán in surprise Hungary visit – Stoltenberg fly from Riga to BP on Wednesday ( Euronews )


– EUK: Wake up! After elections, Europe is again in danger – ‘hard right’ imperils Ukraine – Timothy G. Ash ( Guardian UK 💬 )

– EUK: Vladimir Putin’s soft underbelly has been revealed – US weapons can strike deep behind frontlines ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: In thrall to Orbán and hard right, Europe is facing its moment of truth – can’t take EU helm – Tisdall ( Guardian UK 💬 )

– EUK: ‘We’re in 1938 now’ – Ukraine is buying the West time on precipice of Putin‘s world war – use it wisely ( Guardian UK )

– EUK: The West may not survive a Putin victory – ‘dictatorships’ seen to triumph, freedoms in danger ( Telegraph UK 💬 )


– EUK: German govt issues new plan in case of war – draft, govt can’t be dissolved, transfer East, wartime production ( Bild DE )

– EUK: Germany weighs sending FOURTH Patriot air-defense system to Ukraine – final decision not yet made ( Bloomberg )


– EUK: EU countries vent anger at Hungary’s blockages of Ukraine aid decisions – to unlock ‘European Peace Fund’ ( Euractiv )

– EUK: Moldovan pr. Sandu approves changes to treason law despite concerns from opposition, Amnesty ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: PolandUS launch group against Russian disinformation on Ukraine war in Warsaw – State Department ( Euractiv )

– EUK: The EC approves EU ‘membership talks’ for UkraineMoldova – corruption issued deemed ‘under control ( RT RU )

– EUK: EU-funded IFHR – asked to issue warrants for Simonyan, others for ‘portraying Ukrainians as Nazis ( RT RU )

– EUK: Polish commission investigating Russian and Belarussian‘ influence begins its work – Tusk announces ( AP )

– EUK: Estonian government to allocate €100m a year to Ukraine adopted without vote in Riigikogu ( Postimees EE )

– EUK: BariItaly received a plaque from Putin – ‘some’ residents hope Elensky will drop by and ‘tear it down’ ( NYT )

– EUK: Russia ‘probably’ behind Prague bus arson attempt last week – Czech PM Petr Fiala has said ( Reuters )

– EUK: Moldova‘s top Interpol official detained, charged with corruption over sabotaged ‘red notices’ ( Euractiv )


– USC: ‘The USA cannot afford to continue to supply Ukraine – US gives EU ‘false sense of security’ – Elbridge Colby ( Welt DE )

– USC: America‘s war machine can’t make basic artillery fast enough – focused on high-tech after Soviet ‘collapse’ ( Bloomberg )

– USC: Like the F-16s, French Mirage 2000-5 fighters are good planes – but not the best for Ukraine ( Business Insider )


– EUK: The West wants to defeat Russia militarily to access its wealth as it did in the 1990s – Viktor Orbán told HirTV ( Tass RU )

– EUK: Europe in talks to keep RussiaUkraine gas pipeline flowing – officials are worried about end of supply ( Bloomberg ☆ )

– EUK: Hungary‘s foreign minister visits MinskBelarus, signs nuclear energy deal despite EU sanctions ( Kyiv ‘Independent’ )

– EUK: Britain is falling for the same military trap that vanquished the Nazis – believed superiority vs mass ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: Spanish drug gangs fighting police with US assault rifles, NATO ammo earmarked for Ukraine  ( El Independiente ES )

– EUK: Robert Fico feels no hatred towards attacker – points to forces behind him – opposition, Soros media ( video address )

– EUK: NATO crossed a red line‘ allowing Kiev to use arms to strike Russia – Austrian DM Klaudia Tanner ( Die Presse AT )

– EUK: Western nations ‘do not want peace, but an escalation of tensions with Moscow‘ – Robert Fico ( Slovak TV )

– EUK: Switzerland‘s upper house rejects 5 bln Swiss franc – CHF – aid plan for Ukraine ( Reuters )


– UN : Humanity is on a ‘knife’s edge’ – risk of nuclear confrontation highest since Cold war – Guterres speech ( RT RU )



‘There is no escape from an Israeli military operation in Lebanon’ – Gantz

‘It is time to return Lebanon to the Stone Age’ – Smotrich

‘It is time for Lebanon to burn’ – Ben-Gvir


– ISR: Gantz’s war coalition exit removes ‘moderating influence’ on Netanyahu – even more beholden to far-right allies ( FT UK )

– ISR: Hamas base in Istanbul ‘behind foiled bomb attack on Israel‘ – Jordanian from Pal. in Türkiye? – Shin Bet ( Times UK )

– ISR: Netanyahu threatens ‘extremely powerful’ response to Hezbollah attacks – will ‘restore security to north’ ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: Angry scenes at Knesset as Israeli parliament prepares to vote on conscription law – including ultra-orthodox ( Reuters )

– ISR: A small American bomb – GBU-39 – killing Palestinians by the dozen in Gaza – is becoming ‘weapon of choice’ ( NYT )  

– ISR: Israel Diaspora Affairs targeted US lawmakers with influence operations over Gaza war – fake social media ( NYT )

– ISR: Prospect of Israeli hostage deal shrinks as Smotrich calls deal with Hamas ‘collective suicide’ ( Guardian UK )

– ISR: Israel‘s Netanyahu to address US Congress on July 24 to present the truth – Speaker Johnson ( Reuters )

– ISR: Israel‘s Foreign Ministry reprimands ambassador of Slovenia over Palestine recognition ( Al Jazeera QT )

– ISR: Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz quits emergency government – over post-war plans ( BBC UK )

– ISR: Israel bombs Hamas compound’ in Gaza school – ‘several terrorists eliminated’ – IDF claims ( RT RU )

– ISR: Israel and Hezbollah move closer to full-scale war – despite efforts to keep conflict in check ( WSJ )

– ISR: Jerusalem day Israeli marchers chanted ‘death to Arabs‘ throughout the old city ( videos )


– USC: Blinken urged Arab leaders to pressure Hamas to accept Biden‘s Gaza ceasefire – avoid Lebanon expansion ( Reuters )

– USC: US considers cutting Israel out of Hamas hostage talks – Biden’s aides explore bilateral possibility w/o Bibi ( Times UK )

– USC: Hostages return home after Israeli assault in Gaza – assisted by a team of American ‘hostage recovery officials ( NYT )

– USC: US House voted to sanction International Criminal Court over potential warrants for Israeli officials – it passed ( CBS )

– USC: Blinken conveyed an urgent need to open Israeli-controlled Rafah crossing to Egyptian president El-Sisi ( official X )

– USC: CIA director Bill Burns lands in Qatar to head negotiations on Gaza ceasefire – IsraelHamas still at odds ( NYT )

– USC: Netanyahu is ‘prolonging’ the war in Gaza – Biden reportedly ‘running out of patience with Bibi ( Times UK )

– USC: US Gaza pier is repaired ‘ready to resume’ aid mission, Pentagon Vice Admiral Brad Cooper said ( WaPo )

– USC: Blinken to push cease-fire proposal in EIGHTH ‘urgent’ Middle East trip since war in Gaza erupted ( AP )


– USC: US-built temporary pier not used for Israel’s Nuseirat raid ‘in any way’ – Pentagon press release ( Al Jazeera QT )

– USC: Israel used area ‘near’ US military pier in Nuseirat raid – a Pentagon spokesperson has said ( Al Jazeera QT )


– PAL: ‘Trail of destruction’ after Israeli operation in Nuseirat – executions on the street, bodies everywhere ( Al Jazeera QT )

– PAL: Israel steps up military offensive in Gaza as US presses for ceasefire – airstrikes and ground campaign ( Reuters )

– PAL: Israel has destroyed or damaged 80% of schools in Gaza – UNRWA cites Scholasticide ( Guardian UK )

– PAL: Israeli raid on Nuiseirat refugee camp ‘rescued’ 4 hostages and killed at least 274 Palestinians ( AP )

– PAL: UN food agency pauses its aid work at US pier in Gaza over security concerns, in latest setback ( AP )

– PAL: ‘We have normalized horror’ – says Sam RosePalestinian head of UNRWA ( Guardian UK )

– PAL: Gaza‘s hospitals overwhelmed by injured from Israel‘s military campaign ( Reuters )

– PAL: Gaza facing Israeli attacks from land, sea and air, witnesses report ( Guardian UK )

– PAL: Israeli airstrike on UN school in Gaza killed at least 40 – photos, videos ( various )


– WEA: Eyeing showdown with HezbollahIsrael presses shadow campaign in Syria – target weapons, supplies, A/D ( Reuters )

– WEA: Israel used banned white phosphorous in Lebanon – Human Rights Watch ( Times UK )

– WEA: Hezbollah and Israel carefully calibrate attacks to keep a lid on wider war ( NYT )


– USC: Center for Constitutional Rights file appeal against Biden, Blinken for complicity in Israeli genocide in Gaza ( CCJustice )

– USC: Protest against Gaza war draws thousands to the White House – completely surrounding the grounds ( NYT )

– USC: US deputy ambassador to UN  Robert Wood  insists’ Israel accept US ceasefire proposal ( Al Jazeera QT )

– USC: US to ask UN security council to back Joe Biden’s Gaza – ‘trying to shore up support ( Guardian UK )

– USC: Intel halts plans for $25bn chip fab in Israel – but remains ‘fully committed’ to region ( MEMO UK )


– PAL: Blinken’s comments on truce deal biased toward Israel – Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri said ( Al Jazeera QT )

– PAL: Hamas rejects US aid pier, calls it a publicity stunt’ to mask America‘s ‘ugly face – Ismail Haniyeh ( Mehr IR )

– PAL: Israeli military used US aid pier’ as part of Nuseirat massacre operation – Cradle Report ( PressTV IR  )

– PAL: Hamas says US pier provides cover for supporting occupation state with weapons ( MEMO UK )


– WEA: Hezbollah claims downing of Israeli Hermes-900 ( $5m ) attack drone over southern Lebanon – IDF confirms ( Haaretz )

– WEA: Syrian gunman opens fire on US embassy in Lebanon – hospitalized after Lebanese army shot him ( Telegraph UK )

– WEA: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation ‘strongly condemned’ the Nuseirat massacre ( Al Mayadeen LB )

– WEA: Yemen’s Houthis say they arrested USIsraeli spy cell – after decades of sabotage, espionage ( Reuters )


– ASO: Australian leader tells activists to ‘turn the heat down’ after US Consulate vandalized over Gaza ( AP )


– LAT: Colombia halts coal exports to Israel in protest against Gaza war ( FT UK )


– UN: UN will declare that both Israel and Hamas are violating children’s rights in armed conflict – Guterres said ( AP )

– UN: UN to put Israel on blacklist of countries harming children – report reveals, could lead to arms embargo ( Ynet )

– UN: UN security council endorses US-backed hostages-for-ceasefire Gaza deal – Russia abstains ( Guardian UK )

– UN: UN Human Rights Office: Civilian deaths in Gaza hostage raid may amount to war crimes ( Euronews )

– UN: D-8 group of developing nations called on US to lift its veto on full Palestinian membership ( Reuters )

┕ Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Türkiye



– USC: US military plans ‘Hellscape’ to deter China from attacking Taiwan – but time running out – admiral Sam Paparo ( WaPo )

– USC: US factory activity contracts as orders slideoutput weakens – ISM negative, orders shrank most in 2 years ( Bloomberg )

– USC: US companies ‘concerned about rising UK costs under a Labour – employment /competition regulation worries ( FT UK )

– USC: China is losing the Chip War – a fight over semiconductors is one Xi Jinping ‘can’t win’ –  Michael Schuman ( Atlantic )

– USC: US and allies say China is aggressively recruiting’ their fighter pilots – ‘Five Eyes’ accuse PLA, issue warning ( FT UK )

– USC: A three-theater defense strategy – How US can prepare for war in AsiaEurope and the Middle East ( Foreign Policy )

– USC: ‘Bullying‘ China spurs US to limit adv. tech exports – weaponization, we won’t be №2 – Nicholas Burns  ( SCMP CN )

– USC: Nvidia hits $3 Trillion valuation – with Microsoft and Apple, they are bigger than China‘s stock market ( Bloomberg )

– USC: IMF repeatedly warns US on ballooning fiscal burden – Gita Gopinath urges reduction of debt ( FT UK )

– USC: The big threat to dollar dominance is American ‘incompetence’ – needs sound fiscal policy ( FT UK )

– USC: Boeing woes weigh on credit rating as specter of junk status looms – weak delivery figures ( FT UK )

– USC: Boeing Starliner finally takes humans to space after years of delay ( Bloomberg )


– EUK: The great American boom is finally running out of steam, leaving mountains of debt – Ambrose E-P ( Telegraph UK 💬 )

– EUK: Scholz warns tariffs make ‘everyone poorer’ – EU readies CN EV tariffs – Germany hit hard if CN retaliates ( Bloomberg )

– EUK: Agrifood sector should be spared from EUChina trade tensions – is key partner – Agriculture Commissioner ( Euractiv )

– EUK: European countries are fighting to get Chinese EV factories – easing sanctions, offering tax incentives ( Euronews )

– EUK: US Blackstone buys up 4,500 British homes as private equity cashes in on renting families ( Telegraph UK )

– EUK: EU Commission will target UAE Telecoms buyer of Czech PPF group in new anti-subsidy probe ( FT UK )


– LAT: Javier Milei pitches Argentina as low-regulation ‘AI hub’ – hedge against restrictions in US / EU ( FT UK )


– WEA: Saudi Arabia‘s petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift – did not renew 50-year deal on June 9 ( Bizcommunity )

– WEA: Saudi Arabia joins BIS Bank and China-led central bank digital currency project ( Reuters )


– ASO: South Korea pumps up the volume after sewage balloon delivery – blasts K-Pop and propaganda into North ( Times UK )

– ASO: South Korea is making weapons faster and cheaper than the US – due to war in Ukraine, soaring exports ( Bloomberg )

– ASO: Australia ‘orders’ China-linked Yuxiao Fund to sell Rare Earths stake – part of US effort to counter China ( Bloomberg )

– ASO: The US ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel urged Tokyo to help quickly replenish the US missile inventory ( AP )

– ASO: Submarine boss refuses to answer questions over multi-billion-dollar AUKUS payments – no refunds ( ABC AU )

– ASO: There will be no refund for $9.4 billion gift to US & UK submarine companies ( Asia Pacific Defense News )

– ASO: Kia recalls 460,000 Telluride SUVs over fire risk – also issued ‘cover’ order when parking outside ( WaPo )

– ASO: New Octa research survey shows 73% of Filipinos support military action against Beijing ( SCMP CN )

– ASO: US won’t guarantee Australia will have complete control of AUKUS submarines ( Guardian UK )

– ASO: South Korea says North Korea is installing its own loudspeakers along the border ( AP )


– RUC: The ‘rule of law’ in Hong Kong is in grave danger – written by former judge Jonathan Sumpton ( FT UK 💬 )

– RUC: Two moe British judges resign from Hong Kong final appeals court citing ‘political situations’ ( BBC )

– RUC: Canadian judge Beverley McLachlin to quit Hong Kong top appeals court next month ( Reuters )


APPENDIX : Videoclips

– German ruling party:

– Ursula’s new Bastion :

– The Russians are everywhere :

– Zimmerman Slava Ukraini :

– Tucker interviews Bukele :

– Graham critical minerals :

– Blinken rule of law :

————————— OLDER —————————

– Biden apologized for delay :

– Macron thanked Ukraine :

– Biden looking around :

– Biden knew Putin 40 years :

– Elensky Biden :


💬 = Opinion piece

 ☆  = Exclusive

USC = United States + Canada

RUC = Russia + China

EUK = Europe + United Kingdom | 404 = Ukraine

WEA = West Asia, formerly Middle East | ISR = Israel | PAL = Palestine

ASO = Australia + Oceania

AFR = Africa

LAT = Latin America

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