Unbecoming American: From Hiroshima to Gaza the West continues to wage psychological crusades– that no one wants to call “war”

In Mike Whitney’s recent post “Israel’s Psych-War Is Relentless, Vicious and Deliberate” (among other places at The Unz Review (4 March 2024), he writes,

“If we look carefully at some of the more unusual elements in Israel’s strategy, we see the outline of (a) plan that is clearly aimed at inflicting maximum psychological damage on its victims.”

This is important. If we look carefully at what actually happens (allowing for the confused opacity of most mass media) and not at what the official policy statements and apologetics relate, we can see what we are trained not to notice. If we direct our attention to basic data sources like maps and sensory perception rather than focussing on the face and voice of the cultivated performers, then it is possible to draw intelligent (logically and factually coherent) conclusions about the events on our street corners as well as those in foreign lands. However we must admit that most of modern warfare- no later than US wars in Indochina- has been and continues to be mainly psychological. Thus the real damage can be concealed from bystanders, “news” consumers, and even from the victims themselves. To say that the true battlespace today is the human mind is no exaggeration.

“War is the continuation of policy…” was the dictum of Clausewitz. The analyst ought to work forensically. What are the results and then what policy do they imply? A great and irrational desire prevails to exclude unattractive or noxious results as “unintended consequences” of explicit policy rather than investigating implicit policy that is coherent with those consequences. The wish to see evil as mere error is as resilient as the celebration of religious holidays by atheists and non-observant alike.

Consider something banal: the difference between Ford’s concept of the Model T and the current notion of a quality motor vehicle.

The Model T could run on virtually any combustible fuel and was easy to repair. The modern car is often worthless after three-years paying for it (excessive special repair costs, obsolete parts, etc.) So what has changed? The car or the policy of manufacturers? The Model T was an affordable, durable hybrid vehicle. Today’s “hybrid” is neither. 

If the same tactics and strategy are used repeatedly in Western (US-led and fed) wars for more than 50 years, it may be because the implicit policy remains the same. Since the vast majority of dead and injured in all US wars (since the invasion of the Continent) have been civilians/ non-combatants one ought to consider that this too is not accidental. Moreover it demonstrates that the “Global War of Terror”, not “on terror”, is the USP of Western and hence Israeli policy.

Unfortunately the discussion of war and migration has also been carefully segregated from the global migration tsunamis that are in fact a major (policy) result of the wars in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Palestine and invisibly throughout Africa. Those who can recall either directly or from close relatives the refugee flow from East to West in the wake of the Red Army advance in 1944 (or who rely on the historical accounts from school) could recall that even then the “refugee” problem was treated as a natural catastrophe or the current pandemic of “communism”, like the Second World War itself. The forward advance of colonizers in the East behind the Wehrmacht was forgotten when they fled the advancing Soviet armed forces. I recall one day in the clubhouse of the Royal Overseas League in Edinburgh a conversation between two elderly women complaining how terrible it had been to abandon India. I have heard almost the exact same words in Portuguese, French and to a lesser extent German. There have always been refugees and refugees. Since 1945– actually Herbert Hoover pioneered this business line after 1918– the traffic in displaced persons has replaced the slave trade as the leading edge of labor exploitation.

Consider that even where the occasional recognition that a particular war induces refugee (deportation) flows, there remains a stubborn refusal to end the wars that cause these migrations. The disputes are deliberately channeled into a skewed immigration debate which we can see is easily manipulated by hypocritical bureaucrats applying “moral” pressure.

When the Soviet Union was defeated, new human trafficking markets expanded. The NATO war to destroy the Yugoslav Federation filled Austria and Germany with Slavic surplus which had to be absorbed to preserve the myth that the destruction of their homelands were humanitarian gestures. The sober and honest observer would notice that 1989 was not only the year in which the GDR was annexed and the final destruction of the Soviet Union was begun. It was also the continuation of the mass deportation and confiscation process in western Eurasia that in many ways can be compared to the westward expansion of the Anglo-American Empire in the 19th century. It is almost impossible to penetrate the euphemistic rhetorical armor that prevents ordinary people from seeing what should be obvious. If Bill Gates can become the single largest owner of farm land in the US although he has never done a day of honest work in his life, then where are all the people who farmed the land he now owns? If no later than 2014, millions from the breadbasket of Europe abandoned their homes even for poor, low-wage countries like Portugal, is it a surprise that Mr. George Soros is among the largest landowners in that country? Is it a surprise that after 1990 German banks and those behind them generated the enormous debt in the Baltic and Ukraine through which the below market price sale of indebted assets could be forced? One does not have to focus on Eastern Europe. For centuries Portugal and Greece have been mines for labor displaced by governments inhibiting any kind of domestic economic development. Not even ten years ago I had a student in Germany who bought toothpaste to take home to Greece because it was too expensive there. Greece had no factories to manufacture such high-tech products. The Anglo-American war against the Soviet Union (aka WW2) inhibited but did not stop industrialization in the East. Yet the continuous psychological attack on the country — together with covert action– created a readiness among the young and mobile to abandon their homeland either physically or spiritually. The vacuum created was filled by those whose core business has been to deport and expropriate, to enclose (as the English did) the commons and declare its natural inhabitants outlaws.

Some of these deportees may possess the personality traits that bind them with those who have induced their expulsion. They are often recruited as sheepdogs for the rest who live in unacknowledged submission. Any attempt to describe general historical phenomena must allow for the peculiarities of class and other distinctions among the human participants. The purpose of an analysis like this is to correct the lens with which those who are truly concerned view the events they sense in daily life and those that are projected by the mass media devices they use. The entertainment industry– to which the “news” belongs– demands segmentation and fractive optics. News about any other topic can only be enjoyed if it is compact and masturbatory. The bomb’s detonation must be parsed so that the “boom” is not corrupted by the whine and howl of the half-dead it also creates. The scream of the dying has to be separated from the view of the trigger and the gunner satisfied by his “hit”. The streams of refugees and migrants have to be displayed at more than a decent interval from the squadrons of bombers loaded for a “nape scrape”.

There is another way to see the Palestinian expulsion. If one sees Palestine in terms of the Crusades and the establishment of a neo-feudal regime in the West (and takes the Rhodes-Rothschild-Milner Round Table program seriously), the “biblical kingdom“ that Netanyahu professes to restore is really the conquest that failed in the Fourth Crusade. A “holy Roman Empire” will be restored on a new technological platform. The purity of the empire‘s emergent aristocracy must be assured. The nation-state, based on indigenous citizenry, will be replaced by continuous flows of labor and cash. All that has to be governed/ managed from a safe haven. Moreover like in the original Crusades the financial class aims to maintain a chokehold on East-West (Eurasian) trade.

All the consequences we see are consistent with this permanent policy of the Western oligarchy. The inhabitants of Gaza once removed will be a perfect prototype, stuffed with Prozac, owning nothing and being happy.




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