Unbecoming American: The Clinton-Soros “House Hands” Attacking Trump but Targeting “Field Hands”

Another recent article expressing election year hysteria among the credentialed class began with the assertion:

While it is very easy, based on documents, to declare Mr. Trump to be a neo-fascist and/ or a criminal, historical events indicate that the Democratic Party failed over the last five decades to protect and support, and then expand the middle class. DP presidents accomplished occasionally some improvements that benefitted workers; however, only token changes were attempted in key areas. Overall, the goals were and are to look good in the public eye without upsetting the elites in the economic and financial sectors.[1]

Waiting in vain until the end of the article was a disappointment. Although it was “very easy” the author was unable or unwilling to name or cite any documents to declare the former POTUS a neo-fascist or criminal. To declare him a criminal would require at least one conviction of a bona fide crime for which the author could surely find citation, but for the fact trials are still pending. As for the claim that Mr. Trump is a card-carrying neo-fascist, that would first require a definition, which the author fails to provide.

Several years ago now I pointed to the fact that Donald Trump’s unique selling position was the fact that he was the first POTUS in more than a century- if ever- who was not a politician, senior civil servant or military officer prior to his election.[2] In a country whose many worshippers claim anyone can be elected to high office (the Constitution only requires native birth citizenship and 35 years of age), it is remarkable that only in 2016 – 235 years after the national charter entered into force – was it possible for an average millionaire to be elected within the political duopoly that controls the electoral system.

Whether the ideals of the US polity are sincere or even worthy is a matter for its citizens to decide. However if the electoral system is to be lent any faith it certainly cannot be factional alone. The attacks on the Trump presidency began worldwide in the oligarchically controlled mass media from the day of his election until long after his term expired. It is safe to say that no POTUS has ever been subjected to such sustained vilification. It is even more remarkable that even that “evidence” submitted to disparage or condemn him has proven false witness or forgery. Perhaps that is one reason why the documents by which it is so easy to condemn Mr. Trump have neither been named nor cited.

However there is a far more insidious accusation in the attacks on Donald Trump, who is only a surrogate. Some will admit that in the early 1970s there was a major change in the class war (a term the credentialed class strenuously avoids except in pure theory or when attacking foreign systems). Others date the seismic event to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The tectonic plates beneath the US really shifted in 1913. The privatization of the country’s fiscal policy, based on a model derived from the Bank of England, was the first stage in the consolidation of what would become the world’s largest ever war economy. It was this war economy, protected by two vast oceans, that delivered consumer goods as weapons of consciousness and armaments, including today’s pharmaments, to the nation and the world. A country last attacked, by its cousins, in 1812, built by bonded and indebted labor on the graves of its native inhabitants reached the pinnacle of power in 1945 as the lords of destruction. One of numerous Austro-Hungarians even provided a theory for this. Schumpeter referred to capitalism’s (aka “free enterprise” in the US) creative destruction. Having demonstrated the capacity to destroy competing industrial bases under the pretext of wars against nationalism, communism and only occasionally fascism, it was able to flood the world with whatever manufactures it could produce. The surplus was sold at home on credit to keep the immigrant laborers and their progeny from questioning the virtues ascribed dogmatically to the great destruction machine.

By the 1970s the post-war cash circulation was more than sclerotic. The Club of Rome, the European Management Forum (later WEF) and other venues e.g. within the UN, were founded to propagate the message among the ruling class and its credentialed courtiers and bootmakers that even this pseudo-democratic wealth sprinkler was no longer desirable. The word chosen was “sustainable”.

Nationalism among the newly independent states had been crushed or neutered by counter-insurgency and economic warfare. The only obstacles lay in the persistence of the Soviet Union and the policies of the People’s Republic. By 1990 these obstacles had been overcome, at least from the perspective of the Anglo-American Empire, i.e. its ruling class. The long-standing aim to plunder and pillage Russia was being fulfilled under Boris Yeltsin. Some of that loot trickled into the Eurasian peninsular economy in the Far West giving a dose of steroids to its stagnating commerce. The rest went to the “pirates of the Caribbean”, the secrecy jurisdictions. By natural qualification (as the world’s largest national workforce) and development policy, the Anglo-American ruling oligarchy was able to remove almost all its manufacturing to China. 

Thus the economic base of the US “middle class” was removed utterly. It should be noted here that the US is a country whose citizens “self-identify” as middle class. There are material and ideological reasons for this oddity. 

First of all the “free enterprise” doctrine defines workers as “entrepreneurs” endowed with human capital that they invest freely by taking a job. Personnel departments, now called human resources, are like internal fund managers negotiating the rate of return each worker gets on his capital. Hence pensions were also largely privatized using the fund model.

Second, the real “workers and peasants” in the US economy, excepting migrants from the South, are all the laborers in Central America, Indonesia, the Philippines, Haiti/ Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico- America’s empire and brown vassal states. Thus the surplus permitted to the majority of US citizens is extracted from the empire and distributed in slices to blue collar workers and white-collar supervisors or clerks. 

The contradiction between the real working class and the domestic intermediate working class exists and is maintained to support the imperial division of labor. Until the Clinton-Soros ascendency the parade figures at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the address of the official POTUS residence), still paid lip service to the national labor force. One should bear in mind that the Democratic Party is the historic defender of bonded labor (chattel slavery) and exploitative mass immigration. The Republican Party began in opposition to slavery and with a strong nationalist agenda. The fig leaf of the shallow New Deal is the only policy which can even pretend to demonstrate the Democratic Party as a worker-friendly club. So-called bipartisanism after 1951 purged the New Dealers and other “reds” from both parties. The Clinton-Soros party, as the Democratic Party ought to be called, adopted the policy of its principal benefactor whose business model since the age of 14 has been deportation and confiscation of deportee assets, not to mention the insider trading accompanying it. This model has been translated into the official program of the IOM, a UN public-private partnership for trading in displaced persons worldwide. Consistent with the WEF mantra “own nothing, be happy” all these micro-entrepreneurs are deprived of their birthright and transformed into a continuous flow of denationalized labor – mirroring the hedge funds’ denationalization of physical assets by conversion into cash streams.

These are ongoing processes which have radically intensified through multiple wars concentrated in the Middle East, Central Europe, North and Central Africa. They are presented as tragedies when they are deliberate and coordinated crimes against humanity. The enforced cognitive isolation of the planet’s most brainwashed population renders the causal chain opaque to those affected. Thus they see the symptoms and anticipate the effects in nationalistic terms. Americans have no other language since they were long ago deprived of other bases of affinity or loyalty. The accusations of racism and fascism hurled at the remaining mass of ordinary working Americans are smug dishonesty in the condescending language of aspirant courtiers, in short snobbery.

No later than the second war against Iraq did the recognition of a colossal shell game take hold among the “dangerous” (deplorable) class- the white field hands hated by the domestic staff, just like in Malcolm X parable of “the house negro and field negro”. The field hands saw that their labor was being stolen to enrich an ever-smaller clique to more and more obscene levels while real jobs evaporated to be rained on foreign soil.

A society so brainwashed and manipulated as that of the US, where its media and ideological institutions are virtually walled against popular intrusion, cannot easily establish oppositional movements. In fact the US is historically one of the most conformist societies on the planet.[3] Nonetheless opposition to this program of downsizing the US working population emerged, largely leaderless, but not surprisingly, in the Republic Party, the historical anti-slavery and protectionist party. 

Without at least a galleon figure it is impossible to organize mass politics at a national level. Unlike European party systems the US political party is an apparatus from promoting personalities and creating celebrities for elected office. That is partly because the permanent government needs distractions to operate discretely. However it is also due to the religious nature of the American polity. As a country chosen by the Divine its ultimate leaders have to perform like high priests on the public altars. Donald Trump is no exception.

The Clinton-Soros owned Democratic Party (dba the DNC) is a temple of Pharisees. On one hand it is obsessed with purity. The current Awakening, sometimes called “wokism”, with its DIE dogma is perceived by a substantial majority of US citizens as a formula for destroying their nation, culturally, politically and economically. The facts are known and they support that contention. There is basis to doubt that the metastasis induced by the ruling oligarchy was accelerated in 2016 and burst through the skin on 6 January 2021.

Robert F Kennedy Jr has been the only contender for the high office of POTUS to accurately apply the term fascist in the context of the US political system. His description of corporate capture conforms to Mussolini’s definition, where the interests of Capital (corporations) merge with the State. (What neo-fascism might be is anyone’s guess. The political principal has never left the stage since its appearance in the “March on Rome”.) By this classical definition of fascism, Donald Trump hardly qualifies. He is a performer who chose the stage of a nascent mass movement and proceeded to market it. That is about as American as one can get.

The documents that are available to the willing and witting do not support the condemnation of Donald Trump. Rather they support the damnation of the Clinton-Soros fleet flying the Jolly Roger of the Democratic Party. If these evil winds continue to fill the sails of the DIE and deportation/ migration ships, then Mr. Trump will be declared an outlaw like all those who have been rotting in federal dungeons since 6 January 2021. The hostage nation will be subjected politically to the oligarchy’s own Hannibal directive.

[1]  Clement Kleinstreuer, “The Enablers of Trump’s Rise to Power”, Dissident Voice (24 February 2024)

[2] “Reflections on White Elections”, Dissident Voice (8 October 2020) and “To the Halls of Montezuma from the Shores of Tripoli: Donald Trump as ‘Anti-Wilson”’”(6 February 2017)

[3] As testified by pro-American writers as diverse as Alexis de Toqueville, Hermann Graf von Keyserling and C L R James.



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