A COMPREHENSIVE PERSPECTIVE FOR UNDERSTANDING The Kakistocratic Feudal Conglomerate of the Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment (KFC-AZAEL) & a future without it


This article by Arnaud Bertrand on Clinton Fernandes’ 2022 book ‘Sub-Imperial Power: Australia in the International Arena’ is a must. Clinton Fernandes’ is a former Australian intelligence officer. He is now an academic working within the circle of the Five Eyes’ think-tanks. He’s part of what Ray McGovern labeled as the MICIMATT complex (Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academia Think-Tanks complex). For easily recollecting the acronym, just remember it rhymes with Mickey Mouse. It’s a suggestion from Ray McGovern himself !

I wish I had written those words. The words coming from the article & the words from the book.

Utter clarity, dazzling insights, DEFINITIVE geopolitical analysis comprehensively explaining the 2 Centuries of Darkness (1839-2022), the 2 centuries during which happened the 2 World Wars: 1914-1918 & 1939-1945.

Clinton Fernandes’ book also shone an indisputable light on the irreplaceable role that China will play in the coming decades & I dare write, centuries, for NOT ALLOWING the KFC-AZAEL’s model to keep on living & harming all and, more importantly, replacing it with a global system much more centered on BALANCED RATIONALITY, idea that is implicit in Professor Yan Xuetong’s 阎 学 通 (Yan2 Xue2 Tong1) political theory called Moral Realism. It’s still political Realism (the good old Real Politik) with the notion of ‘comprehensive national power’ given a major place as usual but also seriously taking into account the leaders’ epistemological growth and their moral stature truly incarnated in real life situations. Professor Yan Xuetong is the Dean of the Institute of International Relations at Qinghua University (Beijing).

As a living example of common endeavor offered by a BALANCED RATIONALITY perspective, President Xi Jinping proposed the idea expressed as ‘THE HUMAN COMMUNITY WITH A SHARED FUTURE’. In Chinese characters : 人 类 命 运 共 同 体. In pin-yin transliteration : Ren2 Lei4 Ming4 Yun4 Gong4 Tong2 Ti3.

The 4 global interrelated initiatives linked to ‘The Human Community with a Shared Future’ are :

1- The Global Development Initiative

2- The Global Security Initiative

3- The Global Civilization Initiative

4- The Global AI Governance Initiative

Not forgetting the systemic operational initiative integrating them all : The BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE (BRI).

Arnaud Bertrand contrasted Fernandes’ perspective with Mearsheimer’s one. John Mearsheimer is well known for his staunch promotion of political Realism in international relations which axial principle is that States are rational agents wishing to survive; and in order to survive, their preferred strategy is to become the most powerful State in the global system. The first step of being the most powerful State within the global system is to be the regional hegemon. Being the regional hegemon, not having worries about its close neighbors, the regional hegemon thus has the option of wreaking havoc across the World as it pleases and thus achieves de facto the exalted status of global hegemon.

I would say that Mearsheimer has a framework of explanation too stuck on FORMAL RATIONALITY. His newly published 2023 book (How States Think) which title exposed his over-rational perspective; not wrong per se but far to be comprehensive for exploring the human reality. God knows that our species is FAR to be rational; emotional impulses are behind most of our “decisions”. And the stuff called ‘identity’ is SUPERCHARGED with emotions.

Hence my enthusiasm for the book by Clinton Fernandes, which is much more original by stressing the VERY PECULIAR NATURE, in term of IDENTITY (and here I think Alastair Crooke gave the most outstanding contribution; he is after all a distinguished member of that group at a lower level; by ‘lower level’, I mean a non-plutocratic level) and EMOTIONS (agressivity, arrogance are enduring emotional states) of the AZAEL (Anglo-Zio-American EstabLishment). It’s not an Empire in the true sense of the word since the expression ‘Pax Americana’ is paradoxically turned upside down because the KFC-AZAEL lives on the business of forever war. The economic analysis is interesting but Michael Hudson is superior on that dimension. Fernandes’ essential merit, for me, was having stressed the cultural and psychological factors. We do things in life because we have needs, desires, aspirations & a stuff called SELF-IMAGE and the SELF-IMAGE of those people (the KFC-AZAEL) is uber grandiose, for sure.

Once again, you can read Alastair Crooke’s trilogy (1- The Masque of Pandora 2- A Birth of Tragedy 3- Descent into Madness) having explored with historical rigor and psychological finesse the origins & the evolution (or maybe better worded the involution ?) of the KFC-AZAEL here :


Of course, ‘sub-imperial’ is a little bit presumptuous but I’m not surprised obviously, SELF-IMAGE … Being a tad pedantic, ‘sub-imperialistic’ would be technically more correct. Imperialism is not true Empire. I would have written : lower thugs under the BOSS in D.C. for mutual assistance and sharing the spoils.

Let’s remind that ‘Imperialism’ can be understood in a nutshell by listing the infamous 6 Es : Expansion : Extraction : Expropriation : Enslavement : Evangelization : Extermination.

I admit my ardor for his book comes mainly from the fact that Fernandes’ thesis strengthens my own position : only PAIN & FEAR can deter the KFC-AZAEL, NOTHING ELSE. Thinking otherwise is to be so dumb that such people would deserve to be plundered, raped, enslaved, evangelized and murdered by the KFC-AZAEL. From THE UNIVERSAL HISTORY PERSPECTIVE, the existence of the KFC-AZAEL might be seen as the perfect ordeal making the last 3 Sovereign Civilizational States on Earth (China, Russia, Iran) more focused, determined and more powerful for their long term endeavor.

China played, is playing and will keep on playing a vital role for the RADICAL ***MIND DECOLONIZATION*** and the global *COMPLETED POLITICO-SOCIO-ECONOMIC DECOLONIZATION*

In 10 years, everything will be in the RIGHT DIRECTION of Universal History.

THE WHOLE ACHIEVEMENT of this glorious endeavor will need 2 more generations.

The following generations will continuously renew their axio-epistemo-political PRESENCE for CREATING THE EVERLASTING CIVILIZATION.

Mark my words.


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